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Konarak Dance Fesival

Distinguished classical dancers of India from all parts of the country assemble from December 1st to December 5th every year to pay homage to a master piece at Sun temple, Konark. This classical Dance Festival show is a purely thrilling.

Rathyatra Festival - Puri

Orissa is a land of numerous fairs and festivals eminent round the year but the most extravagant of them is the Rath Yatra, as well as celebrated as the Car Festival to western world.

Budget Hotels and Resorts in Puri:

As Puri is one of the most visited tourist spot in India there are innumerable luxury and budget hotels, resorts facing the sea and other parts also

Things to do in Puri

Apart from swimming there are a number of beach activities at Puri Beach which makes the peach so attractive and special to the tourists

Puri - exotic beaches of India

Positioned on the shoreline of Bay of Bengal in Orissa, Puri beach is one among the most visited holy spots for Hindus and as well an admired and evergreen tourist resort.

International Tourist Place: Puri of Odisha

In this article I will explain about Puri of Odisha.It is considered as an sacred place for Hindus,apart from this why millions of tourists comes here annually,what was the historical background of the temple,how the unique festival car festival celebrated,what are the other attraction of Puri and why it is the heaven for sealovers.

A visit to Puri

Puri is the best place to visit in Orissa. The famous Jagannath temple is located in Puri and the black pagoda named Konark sun temple is also located in Puri district. The sea beach of Puri is world famous for its beauty.

Best Hotels in Puri; Hotels to Stay in Puri

This article provides a brief idea that where you stay in Puri of Orissa. You can get here most of the best hotels of Puri and also you can get their address, contact no etc. If you ever plan to visit puri then this article may be very important to you.
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