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Best Places to Visit in Bhubaneswar of Orissa

Bhubaneswar is the capital of Orissa. It is famous for its beautiful temples, museums, parks and shopping centres. If you want to come Bhubaneswar for any of the above things then you should read the below article to know details about Bhubaneswar and its beautiful places.

Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Orissa

Orissa is very much famous for its natural forests, parks, sanctuaries, rivers, animals and many more. This great state has more then one dozens of wild life sanctuaries and gardens. If you are a wild life lover then you should visit Orissa for seeing the sanctuaries of Orissa. Read the below article to get a close view on Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Orissa.

Tourist destination in Orissa

Orissa contains very attractive places for the tourist. Lots of architectural, natural and heritage sites are always in wait for the tourist. Unspoiled beaches, sprawling lakes, luxuriant forests, teeming wildlife, colorful fairs and festivals are waiting at a glance in Orissa. Tourist observes an awesome memories and hidden treasures from here. Read this article to know some of the best tourist places of Orissa.

Konark The Beauty of Orissa

Are you planning to go Puri in this weekend, So why you are not coming Konark Temple. Read this full article to know what is Konark, How to go Konark and places to visit in Konark.

Most Beautiful Beaches of Orissa

Orissa situated in the coastal of Bay of Bengal; having many panoramas and tourist places. The beaches and Chilka Lake situated in Orissa are very viewable. There are more than 10 numbers of attractive beaches that must visited by every tourist to Orissa. Some of the most prominent beach’s information explained in this article.

An Outlook to Silk City Berhampur

Berhampur is the oldest city of Orissa; it also called as silk city of Orissa. Most of the people of southern Orissa visit Berhampur for shopping clothes, ornaments, ready made items etc. Some people says it is second Kolkata of India, where one can get all variety of items related from household to IT equipments.

Hirakud dam of Orissa

The place of natural beauty, Orissa shines through its natural as well as artificial developement. The rivers are flowed in Orissa with the capability of handling the dams like Godavari, Indrabati, Mahanadi and many more. After India was liberated from British rules the Hirakud dam is the first major valley project in India. Flood control is the main purposer of this project.There is something more about Hirakud dam below........
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