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Famous Foods in Odisha

In this article I have explain about the delicious food of Odisha. the daily foods of Odiya, the veg and nonveg food, the varities of sweets, the rare food like Kora and Khai, the Mahaprasad of jagannath temple, the varities of cakes, the servings of food during social functions and the popular tea and coffee drinks of Odisha.

Famous Oriya Recipe Chatu Dam

In this article, I am telling you about how to make Chatu Dam in very less time. It is very good to taste and also good for health. If you want to make Chatu Dam in your home then read the full article to know the ingredients of Chatu Dam and its making procedure.

Famous Oriya Non Veg Recipes

From ancient ape to ultramodern human, food has always secured its place as a basic need. Every man has a different choice. Typical Oriya recipes has good name and fame in all over India. It has a different style of preparation. Different materials are used to give the recipes a new taste, the recipes are available only in Orissa,not any where in the world. From Pakhal, pitha, it has unique taste, unique smell, and proteinious as well. Now a time this recipes are also getting popular in Foreign.
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