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Orissa is now "Odisha" and Oriya is now "Odia"

Odisha Chief Minister declared that Orissa is now "Odisha" and Oriya is now "Odia" on 4th November 2011. So CM of Odisha has announced 5th November as a Govt holiday. Read the below article to know more details about the new name of Orissa.

Quiz questions on Odisha state

Here in this article many general knowledge question about the demography of Odisha has been given. Sharpen your General Knowledge with some of the must know questions of Odisha. These are the very basic questions asked in different quiz contest on Odisha.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Newspapers and Magazines Published in Odisha

This article gives information about the list of all daily newspapers, weekly newspapers and magazines, monthly magazines and children magazines published in Odisha. This article is about the list of all daily, weekly, monthly newspapers and magazines published from where and by whom.

Hindu Festivals at Orissa as per Odia Calendar

Orissa is a state of festivals and celebrations. Orissa peoples celebrate 13 festivals in 12 months. This article gives information about the festivals celebrated in Orissa as per the Odia month calendar.

Biggest and Largest Elements in Orissa

This article is about the largest and biggest things of Orissa. This article helps to know general knowledge about the biggest and largest things of Orissa. The biggest and largest political and physical things of Orissa can be known from this article.

Rubber Dam in Odisha

The first thing comes to our mind about Dam is a construction by the building materials like concrete of cement, sand, and rod.But the latest innovation in the civil world is Rubber Dam. For the development of Deras farmers in Bhubaneswar,capital of Orissa such type of Rubber Dam is constructed there. The 1.5 meter height dam is very helpful in heavy rain and unwanted flood.

The historical Background of orissa

orissa historical background like ashok in the from of staying in kalinga,the historical all the things,the historical yerars what things will happened,the famous persons,to sure about the historical persons what work involve.Read the article to know more about it.
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