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Odia Athlete Shravani Nanda: A Biography

Odia Athlete Shravani Nanda is very well known to every Odia people for her performance in national level athlete meets. This article is about a short biography of Odia Athlete Shravani Nanda.

Odishi Dancer Nityanand: The first handicapped Odishi dancer

Odishi dancer Nityanand is the inspiration to the world. He faced a tragedy in his life and lost his one leg but not lost his confidence. He reappeared on the stage to dance the classical dance Odishi once again. To know about him please read the whole article.

Mihir Das: Famous Odia Actor

In this article I have give the information about Mihir Das the most talented actor of Ollywood Industry. his nickname, place of birth, dateof birth, wife's name,favourite food and about his filmography that lasts from "Mathura Bijay" to "Cuttack the silver city".

Hotel Industry of Odisha

In this article I have explain about the Hotels that attracts outsiders to Odisha. There are nearly about 30 star hotels offering more than 1000 air conditioned room. Recently added Hotel Oboroi has extraordinary facilities for the VIP customers. It is fully air conditioned. There is a report that Taj and ITC's welcome group are also proposing to put there hotels here. Since the numbers of tourists to Odisha increases year by year so star hotels numbers also increases.

Cuttack: The standing witness to Odisha's ancient glory

I this article I have explain about Cuttack, its historical background, its geographical location, the educational development in Cuttack, its festival, its handcrafts and handlooms, why it is called as a city of silver and the attractive places of Cuttak

Republic Day Speech.

Republic day is one of the major national festival of India. We declared ourselves as a Republic on this day. To remember this day we celebrate the Republic day every year on January 26. This article gives you how to prepare your Republic day speech and also find a sample speech for students.

The List of Famous Dances and Dancers of Odisha

This article will give you full details about the Dances in Odisha. Odisha is very famous for various dances and old culture. This article also gives you the list of famous Dancers available in the state Odisha.

Debasish Sarbeswar Mohanty: A famous former Indian cricketer

This resource gives you the full details about the famous former Indian cricketer from Odisha. He played in Test and One day matches for India. He had done many records for India during his period of play in the cricket. This resource shows various records done by him.

Famus Odia Poet Khirod Chandra Pothal

This is the biography of the great Poet Late Khirod Chandra Pothal. You can find his life history, contributions in Odia literature and all achievements of his life. To know about more please read this article.

Siddhanta Mahapatra - A famous film star of Odisha

This resource gives the information and details of the famous film star Siddhanta Mahapatra. This resource also gives the details about his film achievements and other careen in his life of film industry.

Biography of King Rajbahadur Rama Chandra Mardraj Deo

Vide this article I want to provide Information regarding King Rajbahadur Rama Chandra Mardraj Deo, the architect of modern Odisha after Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati, his contributions and personality. For details see the information provided in the description below.

Biography of Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das

This article gives you the full details about the famous personality, Utkal Gourav Madhusudan Das who he had achieved and did many services to the people of Odisha. In this article, you can get the details about his service and contribution to the state Odisha.

Mayfair Hotel and Resort in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

This article is about the MAYFAIR which has group of Hotels and Resorts in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha and some other places in India. This Mayfair group of companies providing better services to the people by implementing various hotels and resorts through out the country.

The Great Muslim Devotee of Lord Jagannath Salabega

Through this article I want to provide some information regarding Salabega, the great muslim devotee of Jagannath, his life, writings and bhakti. Fore more information see details given in the description below.

Historical Background of Odisha

In this article I have explain about the ancient glory of Odisha, its past name, reputation, the numbers of districts, the rulers of dynasty, the famous war of Kalinga in the bank of Daya river, the golden period of Odisha, the adminstration of outsider over Odisha and about the freedom movement by the leaders.

Educational Development of Odisha After Independence

In this article I am explaining about the the educational development of Odisha, the numbers of colleges for various cources and the schools, the adult education programe, the institutes for physical educatiion, the institutes for tribal welfware, the number of engieering, medical, MBA and MCA colleges in Odisha and the famous Universities that attracts outsider for quality education

Famous Foods in Odisha

In this article I have explain about the delicious food of Odisha. the daily foods of Odiya, the veg and nonveg food, the varities of sweets, the rare food like Kora and Khai, the Mahaprasad of jagannath temple, the varities of cakes, the servings of food during social functions and the popular tea and coffee drinks of Odisha.

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