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Popular Buddhist Centre of Odisha: Dhauli Shanti Stupa

In this article I have explain about the Dhauli of Bhubaneswar, its geographical location, the mute witness of Kalingawar and the transformation of Great Ashoka, the special weakness of Ashoka for it, the monuments with two roock edicts, the chaityas, stupas and pillars constructed by Ashoka and the construction of the famous white pagoda and Lord Dhabaleswar temple on the hill top

The largest Buddhist complex of Odisha Udayagiri

In this article I will explain about Udayagiri Buddhist centres of Odisha,its geographical location, and its position on the Buddhist triangle, the excavated monastries and stupas, Buddha's figure in Dhayana Mudra,the time of existance of the monastry, the Buddhist scluptures found from here, the rare image of some Buddhisms and the other attractive places near by it.

Shiridi of Odisha: Saidham of Tankapaniroad

In this article I will explain about the Saidham temple of Tankapaniroad, Bhubaneswar the shiridi of Odisha, the inspiration by Guruji, how the date of inauguration day was,the devotes are increasing day by day,the date of inauguration of the Dwarikamai,kalayan Mandap and Sai Asha, the festival celebrated here and about the Chavadi Yatra

Ancient Buddhist Centre of Odisha: Lalitgiri

In this article I have explain about Lalitgiri, one of the oldest Buddhist centres of Odisha, about its geogrophical location, how it is a standing witness of the glorious past, the excavated stupas, images and brick monastries, the discovery of Khandolite stone and golden caskets that brings to mind about the Chinese traveller Hiuen T’sang and the other attractive places near by it.

Largest Brackish Water Lagoon: Chilika Lake of Orissa

In this article I have explained about Chilika lake which is the largest bracksih water lagoon its geographical location and area, about the types of plants and animals,how it is a source of income for the local peoples, its attractive islands that attracts thousands of visitors,Nalabana bird sanctuary and about the other attractive places of Chilika.

Anugul, An Industrial District of Odisha

In this article I have explain about the Anugul district,its geographical location, natural resources, Satakosia gorge,the industries of the districts, and the atraction of the districts that attracts the tourist.

Gopalpur Sea-beach Standing Witness of Odisha’s Past Maritime Glory

In this article I will explain about Gopalpur sea beach of Odisha,why it is the most pristine beach of odisha,how it is the standing witness of Odisha's past maritime glory, its graceful sunrise and sunset,the atomsphere and well maintained accomodation and the other attractions near by it for the tourists.

International Tourist Place: Puri of Odisha

In this article I will explain about Puri of Odisha.It is considered as an sacred place for Hindus,apart from this why millions of tourists comes here annually,what was the historical background of the temple,how the unique festival car festival celebrated,what are the other attraction of Puri and why it is the heaven for sealovers.

Similipal National-Park: A Mesmerizing Beauty of Odisha

In this article I explained about Similipal national park,Why it is the perfect destinations for the nature lovers, it has won its destination being a tiger reserve, a national park and a wild life sanctuary,about its procedural developments,how many types of rare plants and animals are here,about its natural accomodation ,how the mesmerizing beauty of nature unfolds at each step and the best ways to enjoy the nature at Similipal.

Samaleswari Temple of Orissa

Samaleswari Temple is one of the famous and oldest temple of Orissa. Here you can get all the dtailed information of the famous Samaleswari Temple of Orissa. Read the full article to know more about the Samaleswari Temple of Orissa.

Famous Picnic Spot in Ganjam Buddhakhol

Buddhakhol is a place in Ganjam Ditrict. This place is now has become the famous picnic spot in Odisha. The scenic beauty of Buddhakhol always attracts tourist to visit the place again and again. This place has about 5 shiva temples, and hence popularly known as the Panch Mahadeva. All these 5 temples are on the hills, which makes the temples more beautiful on seeing from bottom.

Best Picnic Spot in Jharsuguda Koile Ghoghar

Koile ghoghar which comes under Jharsuguda district is one of the finest picnic spot in western odisha. Many visitors flock their every year to have picnic at the spot. The place is well connected by road, may be this also attracts many tourist.

Best Places to Visit in Rourkela of Orissa

Rourkela is very famous for Rourkela Steel plant and the beautiful picnic spots like Junagarh, Pitamahal, Khandadhar, Vedavyas, Ushakothi, Mandira Dam, Darjeeng and Ghogar. See the below resource to get all information about Rourkela and its famous picnic spots and historical places.

Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Orissa

Orissa is very much famous for its natural forests, parks, sanctuaries, rivers, animals and many more. This great state has more then one dozens of wild life sanctuaries and gardens. If you are a wild life lover then you should visit Orissa for seeing the sanctuaries of Orissa. Read the below article to get a close view on Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Orissa.

Best Places to Visit in Bhubaneswar of Orissa

Bhubaneswar is the capital of Orissa. It is famous for its beautiful temples, museums, parks and shopping centres. If you want to come Bhubaneswar for any of the above things then you should read the below article to know details about Bhubaneswar and its beautiful places.

Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Orissa

Orissa-the heaven for nature lovers has a number of waterfalls which capture the heart of visitors. Most of these falls are lie in the midst of the dense jungle making it an enchanting view. Some of the famous waterfalls of Orissa are Joranda falls, Harishankar falls, Barehipani, Duduma, Khandadhar, Badaghaghara, Sanaghaghar, Pradhanpat and many more. Some of the information has given in this article.

Hirakud dam of Orissa

The place of natural beauty, Orissa shines through its natural as well as artificial developement. The rivers are flowed in Orissa with the capability of handling the dams like Godavari, Indrabati, Mahanadi and many more. After India was liberated from British rules the Hirakud dam is the first major valley project in India. Flood control is the main purposer of this project.There is something more about Hirakud dam below........

Tourist destination in Orissa

Orissa contains very attractive places for the tourist. Lots of architectural, natural and heritage sites are always in wait for the tourist. Unspoiled beaches, sprawling lakes, luxuriant forests, teeming wildlife, colorful fairs and festivals are waiting at a glance in Orissa. Tourist observes an awesome memories and hidden treasures from here. Read this article to know some of the best tourist places of Orissa.

Balaram temple In Dhenkanal

This place is many temples are their but lord balaramji will here and also celebrated rathyatra.Read the article to know about it.

Jagannath Temple in Puri

In this resource you can get the information on the famous temple called as Jagannath Temple in Puri. In this resource i have also specified the pooja timings of the temple Jagannath and the architecture of this temple Jagannath.

Pilgrimages availbale in Orissa

In this resource you can find the details of the pilgrimages that are present in Orissa. The famous pilgrimages like SUn temple Konark and other pilgrimages. Also the hindu temples that are built in Orissa.

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