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Odisha Right to Public Services Act: How to apply for Odisha RTPS act

How to apply for Odisha Right to Public Services Act for land records, driving licences, electricity and water connections, birth and death certificates etc? What is Odisha Right to Public Services Act? Which services are covered under Public Services Act of Orissa? How to know status of my application under Odisha RTPS Act?

Hotel Industry of Odisha

In this article I have explain about the Hotels that attracts outsiders to Odisha. There are nearly about 30 star hotels offering more than 1000 air conditioned room. Recently added Hotel Oboroi has extraordinary facilities for the VIP customers. It is fully air conditioned. There is a report that Taj and ITC's welcome group are also proposing to put there hotels here. Since the numbers of tourists to Odisha increases year by year so star hotels numbers also increases.

The List of Famous Dances and Dancers of Odisha

This article will give you full details about the Dances in Odisha. Odisha is very famous for various dances and old culture. This article also gives you the list of famous Dancers available in the state Odisha.

Mayfair Hotel and Resort in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

This article is about the MAYFAIR which has group of Hotels and Resorts in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha and some other places in India. This Mayfair group of companies providing better services to the people by implementing various hotels and resorts through out the country.

Cuttack, The Silver City of Odisha

In this article I explain about the history of the silvercity , the geographical situation of this city,its excursions like Amaguikuda, Ansupa, Bhatarika, Lalitagiri, its rivers like Mahanadi and Kathajodi, its fort picnic spots and temples of the city.

Biggest and Largest Elements in Orissa

This article is about the largest and biggest things of Orissa. This article helps to know general knowledge about the biggest and largest things of Orissa. The biggest and largest political and physical things of Orissa can be known from this article.

Best Oriya Newspapers of Orissa

Now a days Oriya newspapers are growing rapidly so readers are facing lot of problems at the time of buying the correct, true and updated news paper. For solving these type of problem I am writing an article about Best Oriya Newspapers of Orissa. By reading this article you can able to know the advantages and contact details of best newspapers in Orissa.

List of Luxary and Delux hotels in Puri

In this resource i have listed the hotels like luxary hotels and delux hotels that are available in orissa. I have also specified tghe address of these hotels which is situated in Puri in Orissa.

Best Hotels in Bhubaneswar

If you ant to know the best hotels of Bhubaneswar then read the full article to get detail information about best hotels of Bhubaneswar and their address, email Id , website etc.

Best Hotels in Puri; Hotels to Stay in Puri

This article provides a brief idea that where you stay in Puri of Orissa. You can get here most of the best hotels of Puri and also you can get their address, contact no etc. If you ever plan to visit puri then this article may be very important to you.

Important Information Regarding Orissa State

This article is about the all govt departments of orissa and some information regarding their structure etc.In this article all important web sites also listed.Hope you will like this.

Orissa Sex Ratio

Population / Census of Orissa / Culture / Tourism / Sex ratio of Orissa / People of / Tribes / Tribal People of Orissa

Rivers of Orissa

History of Odisha / Orissa / Historic sites in Odisha / Sub-divisions / Geography of Orissa / Physiography of Orissa / Spring / Waterfalls / lakes in Orissa

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