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How to Earn Money Online in Odisha ?

Here in this article you will know about the different ways to earn money online. But specifically I have written about this site Orissa Spider, how you can earn through this site and how much you can earn here.

Odisha Right to Public Services Act: How to apply for Odisha RTPS act

How to apply for Odisha Right to Public Services Act for land records, driving licences, electricity and water connections, birth and death certificates etc? What is Odisha Right to Public Services Act? Which services are covered under Public Services Act of Orissa? How to know status of my application under Odisha RTPS Act?

Online application for Odisha secretariat entry e-pass

Odisha secretariat online entry pass application can be filled at official website of Odisha government. We will tell you how to apply for Odisha secretariat online entry e-pass. Websites where online application for Odisha secretariat admission e-pass or user Id can be filled is mentioned here.

Famous Temples In Odisha and their Locations

In this article i would like to explain the famous temples of orissa and their locations.As we know that we people are religious in nature and thats why we believe in Gods and our religion.This article will benefit to each and every people and also the people who are going to plan for tourist.

Bakshi Jagabandhu, the great hero

In this article I have explain about Jagabandhu Vidyadhar, who is also called as Bakshi Jagabandhu and Well known for his courage, his early life, how he started his fight against the British as a King of Khuda, how became a leader of rebellion and how the government finally captured Bakshi

Adikabi of Odisha Sarala Dash

In this article I have explained about the biography of a great Odiya poet Sarala Dash popularly known as Adikabi, his well known creation the Great poet Mahabharat in Odiya and about his innovative creation that gave the shape and foundation to the Odiya literature.

Biography of Atibadi Jagannath Dash

In this article I have explained about the the great poet of ours who is well known in every corners of our state as Atibadi, his monumental work 'Bhagwat' is daily read in almost all the families of Odisha. This article contain the information how he struggled against the caste division in society and the birth of the Bhagwat.

Biography of the great Kabisamrat Upendra Bhanja

In this article I have explained about, the great odiya poet popularly known as Kabisamrat,His biography, all about his article and poet,how he started to writing the poems and what a reader finds in his article.

Profile of the poet of nature Gangadhar Meher

The nature poet Gangadhar Meher is one of the rarest gems of Oriya literature. He used to help his father by weaving the clothes but somewhere in the mean time he learned to weave the words much beautifully than the clothes. Though he has studied only up to 5th class, today a collage has been named to his honor. The prakruti kavi breathe his last breath at the age of 62. Here is a brief profile of the Oriya Swabhaba Kavi, Gangadhar Meher.

The Sun Temple at Konark, Odisha

The Sun Temple - the Black Pagoda - is located in the village of Konark in the State of Odisha in India . The Sun Temple is one of the most important and famous temples Indians dedicated to Surya , the god of the sun . Is located in the historic village of Konarak in the province of Odisha. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the year 1984.

Guinness Book of World Recorder Keshab Swain of Odisha

Keshab Swain becomes first Oida to register his name in ‘Guinness Book of World Records’. He cracked 85 green coconuts within 52.7 seconds by his elbow and claimed a place in the world’s greatest record book. This event is organised in Janata Maidan, Bhubaneswar on date: March 01, 2012, Wednesday.

Odia Dancer Rajasmita Kar in Dance India Dance-3

Odia dancer Rajasmita Kar is the only female dancer of Odisha who reached top 12 dancers level in Dance India Dance. Vote this Odia dancer to make her No-1 dancer in DID. Read the article to know more about her and vote her by giving a missed call to the given toll free number.

Bonda Ghati and Bonda Tribal people

Odisha has many tribal communities and Bonda tribals are one of them. They lead a very simple life. The modern society failed to bring change in them, because they well protected their culture and traditions from modern civilization. This article contains few information about these tribal people. So, if you are interest to know more about them then please read the full article.

Pala Nacha, the unique dance of Odisha

Pala, one of the traditional and unique dance of Odisha. Here you can get information about this dance. You cannot experience this dance except Odisha. Here you can get overall information about this dance. If you interest to know about Pala, then please read the full article.

Illicit liquor death cases in Odisha

The illicit liquor death cases in Odisha became a disaster and one among several national concerns. This article is about various illustrations about illicit liquor death cases in Cuttack and Khurda.

Anubhav Mohanty : Famous Odia Film Actor Profile, Biography

Now a days if you any one "who is the famous and popular odia film actor or hero ? you will get only one answer "Anubhav Mohanty". Read the full article to know the profile,biography and filmography of Anubhav Mohanty and know more about him.

History and Significance of Holi Fesival

Holi, or Festival of Colors is a festival of religion Hindu held in India every year between February and March, which commemorates the arrival ofspring in the Northern Hemisphere. On this day, people throw paint in many different colors to each other, with great drink, food and music. This game begins when children throw inks parents and brothers and that, in the end, all are fully painted.

Jagannath Dham Puri of Odisha: A General Information

Puri is a holy city of Odisha, on the coast of Bay of Bengal, located 500 km southwest of Kolkata and 60 km south of Cuttack. It is one of the vertices of the triangle Bhubaneswar - Konark -Puri which concentrates most of the cultural heritage of the state. In 2011, its population is over 2,01026 inhabitants.

History & Characteristics of Odissi Dance

Odissi is a traditional Indian dance. It is one of the seven leading Indian classical dance forms. The figures of this dance (sculpture) go back to the first Century BC A famous example is the temple sculptures at the Surya Temple at Konark.

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