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How to Earn Money Online in Odisha ?

Here in this article you will know about the different ways to earn money online. But specifically I have written about this site Orissa Spider, how you can earn through this site and how much you can earn here.

The Sun Temple at Konark, Odisha

The Sun Temple - the Black Pagoda - is located in the village of Konark in the State of Odisha in India . The Sun Temple is one of the most important and famous temples Indians dedicated to Surya , the god of the sun . Is located in the historic village of Konarak in the province of Odisha. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the year 1984.

Bonda Ghati and Bonda Tribal people

Odisha has many tribal communities and Bonda tribals are one of them. They lead a very simple life. The modern society failed to bring change in them, because they well protected their culture and traditions from modern civilization. This article contains few information about these tribal people. So, if you are interest to know more about them then please read the full article.

Pala Nacha, the unique dance of Odisha

Pala, one of the traditional and unique dance of Odisha. Here you can get information about this dance. You cannot experience this dance except Odisha. Here you can get overall information about this dance. If you interest to know about Pala, then please read the full article.

Jagannath Dham Puri of Odisha: A General Information

Puri is a holy city of Odisha, on the coast of Bay of Bengal, located 500 km southwest of Kolkata and 60 km south of Cuttack. It is one of the vertices of the triangle Bhubaneswar - Konark -Puri which concentrates most of the cultural heritage of the state. In 2011, its population is over 2,01026 inhabitants.

Cuttack: The standing witness to Odisha's ancient glory

I this article I have explain about Cuttack, its historical background, its geographical location, the educational development in Cuttack, its festival, its handcrafts and handlooms, why it is called as a city of silver and the attractive places of Cuttak

Historical Background of Odisha

In this article I have explain about the ancient glory of Odisha, its past name, reputation, the numbers of districts, the rulers of dynasty, the famous war of Kalinga in the bank of Daya river, the golden period of Odisha, the adminstration of outsider over Odisha and about the freedom movement by the leaders.

Educational Development of Odisha After Independence

In this article I am explaining about the the educational development of Odisha, the numbers of colleges for various cources and the schools, the adult education programe, the institutes for physical educatiion, the institutes for tribal welfware, the number of engieering, medical, MBA and MCA colleges in Odisha and the famous Universities that attracts outsider for quality education

Famous Foods in Odisha

In this article I have explain about the delicious food of Odisha. the daily foods of Odiya, the veg and nonveg food, the varities of sweets, the rare food like Kora and Khai, the Mahaprasad of jagannath temple, the varities of cakes, the servings of food during social functions and the popular tea and coffee drinks of Odisha.

The historical Background of orissa

orissa historical background like ashok in the from of staying in kalinga,the historical all the things,the historical yerars what things will happened,the famous persons,to sure about the historical persons what work involve.Read the article to know more about it.

List Of Chief Minister of Orissa

Since 1936 to till date, please find here the list of all the chief ministers of Orissa.

Tender notice in Orissa Small Industries Corporation

The Orissa Small Industry Corporation Ltd. sealed Quotation are invited from the registered manufacturer/supplier with valid VAT Registration and IT PAN for Printing of Forms and Registers,supply of stationery and Computer Consumable items for year 2011-2012.

Konark The Beauty of Orissa

Are you planning to go Puri in this weekend, So why you are not coming Konark Temple. Read this full article to know what is Konark, How to go Konark and places to visit in Konark.


Patachitra is a distinctive art form that originates in Orissa. It is principally based on the religious paintings that rotate around Lord Jagannath of renowned Jagannath Temple at Puri.

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