Illicit liquor death cases in Odisha

The illicit liquor death cases in Odisha became a disaster and one among several national concerns. This article is about various illustrations about illicit liquor death cases in Cuttack and Khurda.

Illicit Liquor death cases in Odisha

Illicit Liquor death cases in Odisha is not a new incident in Odisha. Since 1990, more than 300 people died due to intake of illicit liquors. In the year 1990, 17 people from Bhadrak died; in 1991, more than 100 from Cuttack; in 2001, 21 people from Puri and Khurda; in 2006, 58 people from Golabandha and Rambha of Ganjam district; in 2007, 35 people from Berhampur, in 2009, 13 people from Khurda and Baragarh; in 2010, 3 people from Salepur; in 2011, 7 from Mayurbhanj, 2 from Balangir and each 2 from Aska and Dhenkanal were died. Still the people are not aware of this and continuing the same; as liquor pouches were been sold in villages, openly. These kind of incidents, is highly effective than that of consuming Ganja and Brown-sugar; as very rarely we could know about the death reports of consuming Ganja and Brown-sugar till now.

2012 Illicit Liquor death cases in Odisha

As per the recent information, more than 35 people from Cuttack and Khurda district were died and more than 60 were seriously admitted to Cuttack and other hospitals due to consuming illicit liquors. In the meantime, Excise Minister Anang SinghDeo resigned from his post, after looking the severe impact of the case all over the state. The opposite party person still demands the same from Health Minister of Odisha. As per the report, it is the highest death case after 1992's illicit liquor death case.

The issue first begin from Bhingarpur village of Balianta Block; and within a short time it extended to whole block. Excise department declared it as due to consumption of liquors with medicines. On this concert, excise department raided 3 pharmaceutical companies at Bhubaneswar and 12 medicine stores by arresting 12 allied persons. The Commissionrate Police, District Excise department and Medical Dept first raided to Eastern Indian Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Chikila Pharmaceutical situated at B-22 and B-19 of Rasulgarh of Bhubaneswar. As per the raid report, the drinks produced at Eastern Indian Pharmaceutical Laboratories includes Epee-carm and concentrated cinnamons. These two medicines were prepared to increase digestive power; however, people died after consumed these for intoxicating purpose. Epee-carm contains 42% alcohol, whereas Cinnamon contains 52-56% alcohols. These medicines are sold at very low price (of 10rs. and 8rs.), which causes much more intoxication for the people who consume alcohol regularly.

Illicit liquor and Medicine concentrates

At first, police and administrative dept said the deaths are due to medicine concentrates. On which, Cuttack Magistrate Girish S.N. and Twin city Commissionrate Bijay Kumar Sharma demonstrated the medicine concentrates. Shri Sharma said, it can be declared as medicine deaths instead of liquor deaths. Now It is a matter of concern that excise, police and administrative dept declared it as an intoxicated medicine death issue; whereas patients were treated at hospital as per of consuming illicit liquors.

As per the Chief Medicine Specialist of Cuttack Medical Siddharth Das's report, toxic methanol has been found among every death bodies, which is possible due to intake of mixed alcohols only. In addition, SCB Medical College Doctors proved that the death cases are due to intake of illicit liquors, not due to medicines; as there is no methanol found in Epee-Carm medicines.

Illicit liquor case: patient absconded and businessmen arrested

The 48 no. of patients admitted to SCB Medical College due to intake of illicit liquors were absconded, without informing the hospital staffs. The patients were daily-labours belong to nearby villages of Badajharilo and Tukulipada village. Due to enhancement in their physical condition, the saline has been detached at night; at the early morning they run away from the hospital without informing anyone. In other side, as per several raids by Commissionrate of Police and Excise dept more than 32 liquor businesspersons were arrested.

Illicit liquor death case: who is responsible?

Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik strictly stated to encounter the issue and identify the other related issues on illicit liquor death cases at Cuttack and Khurda. The case has come up to the hands of Retired Chief Justice A. S. Naidu's supervision to find out the very common 5 queries:
  1. The situation which caused the excessive death rate?
  2. Which is the source of illicit drinks?
  3. Who is responsible for illicit drinks and supplies?
  4. Is it due to the irresponsibility of field officers or what?
  5. What is the opinion of Investigation Commissioner on reappearance of same case?


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