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The value of a, for f(x)= xsinx,-𝜫<x<𝜫MathematicsMathematics
The function f(x) is said to be periodic with period 'T', IfMathematicsMathematics
The value of 1-1/3+1/5-1/7+------isMathematicsMathematics
The value of a, for half range forier odd expansion of f(x)=x^2 o<x<2MathematicsMathematics
The period of the function sin 2𝜫nx/k MathematicsMathematics
The periodic function defined by f(x)=x in 0<x<2x where f (x+2𝜫)=f(x) is MathematicsMathematics
F(x)=x, -𝜫/2<X<𝜫/2 =0 𝜫/2<X<3𝜫/2 MathematicsMathematics
If f(x) = x, -𝜫/2<x<𝜫/2 = o, 𝜫/2<x3𝜫/2 MathematicsMathematics
F(x)= x+|x|, xϵ (-𝜫,𝜫) Value of An is MathematicsMathematics
I-f(x)=x^2 -𝜫<x<𝜫 ii-f(x)=x^2 xϵ (0,2𝜫) then which of following is trueMathematicsMathematics
F(x)=x, 0<x<2𝜫, the alue of bn isMathematicsMathematics
F(x)=-x , 0<x<2𝜫, then the value of An isMathematicsMathematics
F(x)=x, -𝜫<x<𝜫, is the value of then bn MathematicsMathematics
The fourier series of a square wave function f(x) is defined as f(x)=0, -1<x<0 =-1, 0<x<1 then value of An is MathematicsMathematics
If f(x)=x^@, 0<x<2𝜫, then its fourier expansion containMathematicsMathematics
F(x)=|x|, -𝜫<x<𝜫, then the second fourier coefficient of f(x) isMathematicsMathematics
F(x)=|x|, -π<x<π, the first fourier coefficientMathematicsMathematics
F(x)=2 -2<x<0 =x 0<x<2 Then the first term of fourier series isMathematicsMathematics
If f(x)= 1+ 2π/x -π<x<0 = 1- 2π/x 0<x<π,then the function is MathematicsMathematics
The first term of a sine series isMathematicsMathematics
The first term of a fourier series isMathematicsMathematics
Integration of an even function is MathematicsMathematics
The deriative of neither even nor odd function is MathematicsMathematics
Derivative of an odd function is MathematicsMathematics
The derivative of even function is MathematicsMathematics
If f(x) = sinax, -π<x<π, then its fourier expansion containsMathematicsMathematics
IF f (x) =[ cos ], -π<x<π this function isMathematicsMathematics
The fourier series f (x)= X cos x on (-𝜫,𝜫) is MathematicsMathematics
D^2/ds^2 ( L f(t)-L(t^2 .f(t)) isMathematicsMathematics
L^-1( s^3/2)MathematicsMathematics
L( sin nt/t)=MathematicsMathematics
L-1( s^-1/2)=MathematicsMathematics
L (ult)=MathematicsMathematics
L ( e^-2t/√t )MathematicsMathematics
L ( sin 3t) at s=1 isMathematicsMathematics
L( sin 2t/t)MathematicsMathematics
For variable 'p' L( t^n) n∈z isMathematicsMathematics
L^-1 .s/(s^2+1)^2=MathematicsMathematics
Inverse Laplace Transform of arc tan (2/5)MathematicsMathematics
Inverse Laplace Trnsform OF log√(s^2+9)/√(s^2+4)MathematicsMathematics
L^-1⌊s/(s^2+Π^2 )^2⌋MathematicsMathematics
Inverse Laplace Transform of are cot (s/Π) isMathematicsMathematics
The differential equation dy/dx-2y.tanx=sec^2x has integrating factorMathematicsMathematics
The differential equation ( cos y + y.cos )dx+( sin x-x.sin y)dy=0 isMathematicsMathematics
A differential equation which is not in exact can be convented to exact form byMathematicsMathematics
If the eqution M(x,y)dx+N(x,y)dy is not in exact but of of homogenous equation has Integrating FactorMathematicsMathematics
The diffential equation dy/dx=cos(x+y) can be save by using MathematicsMathematics
To solve a homegoneous equation we should substituteMathematicsMathematics
The differential equation dy/dx+py=q is said to be linear equation whenMathematicsMathematics
The solution of tan y.sec^2x.dx+tanxsec^2 .y.dy =0MathematicsMathematics

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