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The hybridization of Br in BrF5 isChemistryChemistry
How many isomers are possible of C4H10OChemistryChemistry
The IUPAC name of CH3-O-C2H5ChemistryChemistry
An anhydride of CHIO4 isChemistryChemistry
Formula of oleum isChemistryChemistry
In which of the following salt if dilution is increased there is no change in pH ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following is used as an indicator for titration of Na2CO3 and H2SO4ChemistryChemistry
The nos. of optical isomers of a compound having two chiral carbon atoms are ChemistryChemistry
The product of the reaction of CH2=CH2 and dil. Basic KMnO4 solution will beChemistryChemistry
Preparation of ethane by CH3CI in presence of anhydrous ether is known asChemistryChemistry
Two compounds of different solubility is separated byChemistryChemistry
Aniline is separated by which of the following methodChemistryChemistry
By which of the following method sugar units are separatedChemistryChemistry
When benzenediazonium chloride is heated with H2O it formsChemistryChemistry
Benzene sulphonic acid is heated with NaOH to formChemistryChemistry
When FeCI3 is heated violet with one of the following colour is obtained ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following isomerism is present in lactic acidChemistryChemistry
The work of sodium thisulphale in photography isChemistryChemistry
Which of the following is meta-directive groupChemistryChemistry
C5H10O reacts with NH2OH but does not perform silver and iodoform test. The possible name of it isChemistryChemistry
The shape of xenonhexfluoride isChemistryChemistry
Which couple of the element shows oxidation state of + 8ChemistryChemistry
There is no dipole moment in CCI4 because of theChemistryChemistry
If 1 mole urea is dissolved in 1000 gm. of pure water then the mole fraction of the water will beChemistryChemistry
Which of the following flux is used in the extraction of ironChemistryChemistry
A one liter solution contains 0.1 M CH3COONa and 0.05 M HCI. Pka value of acetic acid is 1.8 x 10-5 then the pH value of the solution will beChemistryChemistry
The best way to represent the concentration of a solution isChemistryChemistry
Berylium carbide on hydrolysis givesChemistryChemistry
Which of the following molecule is not pyramidal ChemistryChemistry
C O2 is gas while SiO2 is solid becauseChemistryChemistry
Natural gas isChemistryChemistry
By the theory of four quantum nos. which of the following orbital is not possible ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following bond is present in N2O5 ChemistryChemistry
The size of the sulphate ion isChemistryChemistry
Which of the following ion has strongest capacity to polariseChemistryChemistry
Froath floatation process is depend uponChemistryChemistry
The solid methane isChemistryChemistry
Primary amine when reacts with CHCl3 + KOH it formsChemistryChemistry
The precipitate obtained when acetaldehyde is treated with fehling solutionChemistryChemistry
The nos. of sigma bonds in 1-butene areChemistryChemistry
Which of the following has octane no. zeroChemistryChemistry
The solution of sodium in liquid ammonja is appeared blue reason is ChemistryChemistry
Which of the following bydride has reducing propertyChemistryChemistry
By which of the following reagent colour of acidic KMnO4 is disappearedChemistryChemistry
Which of the following is extracted by making complexChemistryChemistry
Acetic acid is a weak acid becauseChemistryChemistry
Froath floatation process is used to increase the concentration of the following areChemistryChemistry
Which of the following is strongest oxidant ChemistryChemistry
The volume concentration of H2O2 solution of 6.8 gm. per 100 ml. will beChemistryChemistry
Which of the following element has highest electron affinityChemistryChemistry

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