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    Maoists Activity in Orissa is Shameful

    This act of maoists is really shameful. What they want to prove by killing and kidnapping? This is just nonsense. They have forgotten the humanity. They are not terrorists. I know, terrorists have been given that type of education since the very beginning of their life, so they become like that. But what happened to these people. The basic aim behind being maoist is forgotten and they are diverting their mind towards something else. Let me quote this, may be we are not far away of the situation in next few years, where terrorist wil start funding these maoists and these people will do their job.

    Think about the recent case, rebels kidnapped a ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) legislator recently. Few days back some foreigners also have been kidnaped. This act of naxalites are totally not accepted. If I am given chance, I will just kill every naxalite who are doing these nonsense.

    I know, they have problem, these problems have to be address in a different manner. Participate in election, come to power, select your leader, then it will become very easy to solve your problems. This is what they should do. This is because of lack of education. And believe me, there are many politicians who are also supporting them from behind to do such type of things for their vote banks.

    These people also do not understand that, they are using them. First of all we have to make them aware of this and make them educate. Then only this problem will be over. Otherwise, our next generation will suffer a lot.

    Please make an effort to pass your message to those people to understand the real problem and stop doing these antisocial things.
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    Breaking News: Odisha hostage crisis: Maoists free Pablo Bosusco now. Good move by the government.

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    Yes, you have expressed correctly. Maoism is harmful to our state and also our country. Both state government and Central government should cooperate with each other and move forward with perfect plannings to solve this problem permanently.

    Now maoists are slipped out from their real motto and just working for their ego. They are killing innocent tribal people and local people in the name of police informers. If the police do same thing with their informers then what happen? They know that police action is limited and can be controlled by higher authorities. So, they use human right activities to restrict police action. Police and security personals should get more power to eliminate maoists from our soil.

    With regards,

    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    Thanks Vicky for a wonderful comment.

    You have rightly said. The Human Rights Commission is actually a Kawach for them. We actually need a situation like one which took place in Punjab by KPS Gill, during the Indera Gandhi regim, if you remember. You can see, since then Punajb is free from all problems. We need a strict police action like that against maoist now. Let what ever comments come after that, but first we need to dominate them with strong hands and finish all of them in one go. So that there will not be a single left to raise head in future.

    Before that, we need to remove those politicians from power who are supporting them. Actually they are the one who are encouraging the situation to increase.

    Have to wait till then, when this govt will take some stern action.

    Thanks once again for your reply.

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