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    Can we have a special section for discussing about "Online Earning"

    Hello Admin,

    I am just 2 days old here and active most of the time. (Can check the log)

    I found very less members to be active on the forum. Even though the visitors too.

    There are interesting topics to discuss, still lack of many things.

    The most popular topic now a days is, Online Earning.

    This is where this forum is lacking. You have not permitted to share links, which is a huge hindrance for the members to share.

    Honestly, not a single member here is interested in writing articles, if they would have been, the might have been doing some professional jobs, not here.

    You can also observe, members are very misery in replying to the threads, hardly any thread have more than 10 replies in current time.

    You have to have some interesting sections, which should draw the attention of the members as well as visitors, which should make them post in the threads and post new threads too.

    Just discussing about Orissa, will not give ample opportunity to make huge threads and posts.

    So, give a thought and think of making a special section for "Online Earning" section and allow members to post links too and yes, spam is always there and you can make rules for that.

    Hope, I have written a lot.

    Members can keep their view on this issue if you feel this to be an important topic.

    May be if more positive response will come, then Admin may think of having a section like that.

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    At first, I wish a wonderful evening and welcome to this site Mr. Chagala Tripathy. I've been quite for a long duration due to my exams and continuous assignments. However, today I feel to go through our site, and come across this forum. Whatever it may be, I would like to say about this forum topic which was generated by Mr. Chagala. I am giving some information to the new members who're not aware of this site and its activities. First of all I would like to say, is a private owned site of SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd., Kochi, India; which has more than thirty other sites. However, is made purposefully to post jobs and classifieds along with education, business and political updates of Odisha; which was mentioned in the Home page of this site. Apart from this, this site earns money from Resource and Forum section only. Therefore, most of the sections are blocked and it was informed to post on these two category only. As Mr. Chagala wants to discuss about the topic 'online earning'; there are various sites as this, where you can earn a lot in dollar. However, as per the norms of this site it was not allowed to discuss publicly. All the sites of SpiderWorks Technologies Pvt Ltd. are 'online earning' sites. In these sites, you can post various contents as per your choice and interest. As this is a regional site, so some parts or topics are restricted here to discuss and post. Basically we are participating more than other sites to learn and earn diversely. If you've more knowledge on different topics, please go through the above mentioned link; where you can get a list of various interesting sites.

    The external links are strictly prohibited in this site or any other sister sites of SpiderWorks Technology. As per my knowledge it may create spamming or negative impact; which is as per Google's guidelines. Therefore, external images and posts also not permitted here. Please make this site a clean and clear as other.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Dear Chagala,

    We can appreciate your thoughts. But the site is having its own restrictions. As the site is itself a online money earning site, hence we can,t discuss regarding threads regarding sites or ways to earn online. Details are explained by Ms. Sujata very well in #1716. You are only two days old here. There are so many excellent articles already posted here and still posting is going on. If you want to see those, then visit Resources section. Members are not miser to answer to the threads. If you find some threads are unanswered, then the thread may not be a qualitative one.

    Orissa Spider is a regional site, hence we can't discuss topics not related to orissa. However, threads of utmost national importance can also be discussed here.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Very wisely explained by Ms. Sujata! I appreciate this and hope for this kind of replies from the members. Whatever it may be, it was an wonderful part of forum in OSR. Hope the newbies could understand the rules and regulations of this site. Please do cooperative with us by posting some good and quality contents here. There are huge number of requirements in this site.

    Dear Chagala, as you said in your other thread, that you will to post about Kendrapada district; however as I know from your threads, you're staying at Chennai. Good to know about that; please contribute with some quality contents; here also you can earn money online. If you've any more doubt, you can contact me on Gtalk:
    Thanks Sujata!
    Thanks Krishna!


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    Thanks Ms. Sujata, Mr. Krishna & Mr. Naresh,

    I really appreciate your replies. That is really very explanatory about the the very basic purpose of the site. Thanks for it.Actually the basic moto behind posting this thread was to make such a section here where maximum people should participate.As I mentioned earlier, Yes, I am only 2 days old, so, obviously I have not seen those quality posts which were posted earlier.

    But what I saw in past 2 days, that was what I just wanted to share, because, if we have a very specific content here, so we must bring out some sort of humor in it, so that who ever reads it, should think of participating in it.I have been part of few general forums, and what I observed there, is their topics are always show that it is giving something to the visitor, so it attracts the visitor to see it and participate in it.That may be anything. So, if you can think of something, which can really make the threads more informative, interesting and most importantly, existing members should take part in it. then there can be the best article available here.

    What discouraged me is: If you have observed, there is a thread I have posted this afternoon about "Do you have any UPDATE about ODISHA today?" which did not attracted any of the visitor to post a reply about his native news. This is not that, no one has any information to share, but the thing is, very few people care about it.

    Another issues is, very less threads and less replies to the threads too.May be, this time I have clarified my points what I want to convey.

    Thanks for your time to read this.

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