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    Do you want to see Navin Patnaik as Prime Minister of India

    As you all know, all THREE "N" NAVIN PATNAIK, NITISH KUMAR & NARENDRA MODI are the gem for their respective states.

    They have made the difference after being CM.

    If you follow the political news of India, there is a huge rumor of Narendra Modi to be next PM of India and Nitish Kumar is also not far behind.

    Why can not we consider Navin Patnik in the race.

    It will be a great achievement for Odisha to produce a PM for India.

    What is your opinion about this?
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    Well, everyone in this move to become a Prime Minister of India. However, there are very certain criteria for this. The maximum no. of MPs should be voted to a particular person. In addition, BJD is a non-cooperative team for Congress, BJP and CPI. Therefore, having a single seated ruler in a state is very difficult to become a ruler of a country. Modi and Nitish are on the right move, as they are having and supported by the Central Teams of BJP.

    As per my opinion about our CM Naveen Patnaik, he is a good leader and person; I admire him and wishes for him if he would be in the Que for future Prime Minister.


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    That is a great answer Mr. Naresh Kumar.

    I was doing a search about this on net. Most of the places I found that, the most 2 contender for PM in 2014 are Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar.

    One of the article by Indiatoday also very strongly dais this.

    Both of them have a bright chance.

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    As per my opinion the two strong contenders are Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. Here I want to add one more name and that is L K Advani. But as far as Naveen Patnaik is concerned, I don't think he is in the race. Reasons are already very well mentioned by Mr. Naresh Kumar. There is no question about his ability and administrative quality.

    We would be very happy, if he becomes the PM of our country. We should not stop dreaming about it.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Yes, you are absolutely right sir, Navin Patnaik is no where in race, but if you look at the situation very closely, in BJP, LK Advani, as you have mentioned, and the other side Narendra Modi, so there is colison.

    Nitish and navin, both of them have very neutral background, and there are many instances in past, where there have been such type of neutrals become PM.

    Another name I came to know is Mayawati and Mulaymsingh Yadav.

    So, this time it is really going to be very hot in 2014.

    Let us wait and watch the fun.

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    From the above list, I will choose Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. Though I am not an active supporter of BJP and won't like its religious nature, but I like the leadership of Narendra Modi. On the his leadership, Gujarat cleared all its debts in world bank and deposited some extra amount.

    My next choice will be Nitish.

    With regards,

    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    Nabin pattnaik work very hard and he is most perfectable person to became pm of india .

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