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    Milking Neem Tree At Village Mahu

    Hello Friends,

    In the month of Feb 2012, I witnessed a miracle thing in my village. There was a Neem tree from which continuously white foams are coming out without stop. It continued for almost more than 48 hours. So people from neighboring villages also started visiting to see it.

    What else, people have started worshiping it.

    But no one has tasted the foam having a fear in mind of being poisonous.

    I am just posting some images of that tree with white foams coming out.

    What you call this?
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    Hi Chagala,

    Do not post copied contents or pictures in this site. Please save your account to not be blocked due to such kind of spamming in this site. Please go through the posting guidelines and try to post original contents, which are your own written.


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    Sir, those images are owned by me, it does not violate any copyright, it was taken with the mobile camera of my friend and this was the real images of my vilage neem tree. Please allow them to be live. If you need any further proof, I can provide you that. You have to mention what type of proof you need. That is all.

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    If that images are of yours, then why you given the links from other sites? You can direct upload the images through OSR only; go to your edit option, there you'll find a link of 'Add Attachment' from where you ca direct upload the images. There is no problem; but do not post links of other websites.


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    Actually I was not aware that, images also to be uploaded like this. Thanks for providing so important information.

    I have made it and thanks a lot for this important information.

    This is my first day, so I was unaware about it.

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    As per my view, it is not a milking Nim tree. Rather it may be some chemical formation coming out as foam. Some scientists or Chemical Researchers may throw some light upon it.
    Thanks & Regards

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    May not be exactly the chemical formation. As you can see if you have a deep look at the image, there is a hole from which the foams are coming out. The hole is very close to the joint of two branches.

    If you might have observed neem trees, usually, there are insect affected areas where there is joint in the neem tree. So, possibility is, there might be something like that and some poisonous insect might have been stuck inside it which was producing this type of thing.


    Actually there might be some liquid coming out of the neem tree due to heat observation on the hole.

    But the fact is, I tried to draw the attention through making a blog and making it live to so many people to draw the attention of some higher authority to have a check about the issue.

    But all my effort gone in vain, no one has visited it and after almost 72 hours, the foam also stopped.

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