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    Odisha should stand unitedly against Maoists.

    Maoism is crossed the limit and now their every activities are anti national and anti society. They won't realizing what are they doing. I don't know what they will achieve by taking hostage to those Italian foreigners, but it will affect negatively on the tourism of Odisha, specially those tribal regions. This will directly effect the economical condition of the people who live in those regions. It will affect our image in international level and growth of state in many aspects. Why are we silent yet? The government should take more aggressive steps to eliminate maoism from Odisha soil. Police should take direct actions against those who support directly or indirectly maoists in our county. They should pressurize them to motive the maoists to comeback to main stream of society and lead a peaceful life.

    Don't you feel it is the right time to ask our tribal brothers to drop weapons and actively participate in the growth of our country and society?
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    At present the objective of Maoists and their integrity is in doubt. Their objective is changed. Now they are more as terrorists and less as revolutionaries. So, they should be handled more strictly. Govt., has recently increased the package for self-surrender. Govt. is trying to supress the maoist movement by hook or crook. But we have to understand the hindrances in the way.

    After this incidence, it is quite obvious that Govt. will take some serious action against maoists.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Dear Krishna,
    Your are hundred percent right, they should not be counted as revolutionaries as they diverted from their main motto and principles. People should come unitedly and condemn such activities of maoists, because these are the main obstacle for our growth and development.

    With regards,

    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    We Odia people must come unitedly to criticize the Maoism in Odisha. It is a cancer and it can do only destruction to our state in every manner. It creates obstacles for our development, growth and major concern for security of common innocent people. We must not support the supporters of these terrorists maoists. Innocent Odia people never say anything against them and remain silent and they misunderstanding our silence as a support to them.

    The supporters who are present in our society and give financial, moral and informative supports to maoists are more dangerous than them.

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    Dear Narayana,
    Do you ever try to understand the real issue of Maoism? If you feel those areas are lack of development then who is responsible for it, we have to realize. Maoists destroy school buildings, pools, cell towers and even abduct government officers. Do you feel in this circumstance, is it possible for any government to do any development work? Do you feel maoists really need development in their area? What will they gained by abducting a tourists? They are just trying to cut the throat of tourism in those tribal areas. Don't you feel, it is anti development attitude of maoists? I don't think. The attitude and motive is totally changed. Now, it is going to loose the support as you gave the example of Punjab. Khalistan terrorists also enjoyed similar support initially, later the Punjab people realized the real face of terrorism and stop supporting them.
    Similarly, we have to stand against it to save our state and country.

    With regards,

    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    The Maoists or Naxalites were totally diverted from their real motto; we can define there is no real thought or motto today among them. Without any base reason, they used their illicit policy to create a mess among innocent people and the govt. Since a long, they're not supporting the govt to create or do any developmental works there. Instantly, number of innocent people, tribes are suffering due to them. Whatever Vicky (#1680) expressed is very true that, govt has the developmental attitude and try to do their best. Otherwise, how could a minister or party wins continuously 3 times? This is all due the public support and faith on the govt that reflects in the mirror clearly. One more thing, everything can not be done by govt.; without the public support. Therefore, please do stand up and make hands together to create a violent free society.

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