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    Be aware of "Sun Stroke"!

    It was 4th March 2012, because of Sunday I planned to visit Bhubaneswar to collect some information about different tourist places with original photographs. As this journey was uncertain I did do any reservation and reached Bhubaneswar after completing 8 hour night journey without sleeping in general compartment. It was very hot Sunday, approximately 43 degree Celsius, I left out my lunch without noticing because of busyness. When I reached my friend Rajesh, I felt unconsciousness. Suddenly my body temperature raised. Luckily my friend Rajesh is a doctor in Cuttack medical college. He observed that my BP also increased upto 170/110. Immediately he started treatment and helped me to cured. Just imagine if at that time he was not there, I might not be here in this site to discuss with you. It took more than 10 days to recover myself.

    So, please take proper precautions before coming out in this hot summer to avoid sunstroke.
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    Really is is a shocking news. Is it the reason of your disappearance in OSR during last week? How are you feeling now?

    Yes, you are wright that the temperature of BBSR has increased to a great extent. There is always a chance of sunstroke if proper care is not taken. So it is advisable to each and every person to drink as much water as you can. Always wear light and cotton clothes in these conditions. Wear Cap or helmet on your head if possible.

    Always remember "Precaution is better than cure".

    Thanks & Regards

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    Hi Krishna,

    I came to know about this incident on his 4th day after returning from Bhubaneswar. I was discussed the matter of vicky with Dr. Sanjeev(webmaster)also. Whatever it may be, by the God's grace his health recovering. Hope a maximum contribution from him on OSR.

    Sunstroke is a such a dangerous disease, which can attack suddenly even to a healthy person, if not prevent properly. As Krishna explained in short about various methods, which must attempt before going under sunny. In addition, after coming from sunny to home, do not consume cold/chilled water/drink; do not take bath immediately; try to have ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) water in summer season. ORS water will balance the body fluid, which losses excessively in summer.


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    It is always advisable to carry sufficient water with you while travelling. Encourage your children to carry water bottles while going to schools, go to playgrounds with friends etc.

    The situation was worst in the year 2010 just after 4 days of my marriage in the month of May. I just came to BBSR airport to leave my friend Diganta for UAE with my other 2 friends.

    After leaving him, on my way back to home, I was unable to stand in the bus. I thought I will not be able to see my wife again.

    Thanks to my friends, they hired a taxi at Salepur and took me to a doctor and I was bit ok and reached home safely.

    That day I realized, how dangerous the sunstroke can be.

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