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    Minister Ananga Singh Deo resigned from his post.

    After liquor death tragedy in Cuttack and Khurda, BJD minister Sri Ananga Singh Deo resigned from his post in the basis of moral responsibility. The opposition try hard to make it as an issue after Pipili case. They are doing agitations on the roads blaming government for it. Deo took this step without giving a chance to the opposite party.
    How do you react on his resignation?
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    Giving resignation from a position, is just like defeating in a war, cowardly. It is just a moral act by the ministers; whenever anything went wrong, they just dropped their papers to show the media and people. However, after a certain time they again get back their position by the help of money and power. It is our shameful situation that our ministers are so coward; who drops their weapons in the middle of the war; without fighting for or serving their people.

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    Mr. Deo explained that his resignation to promote free and fair inquiry of this liquor death.
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    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    Liquor Death case of 1992 at Cuttack: 400 Deaths, No Resolution

    The 1992 Death case at Cuttack due to taking Illicit liquors; which took nearby 400 lives. In addition, the accused criminal Belu or Surendra Sahu, who controlled his criminal strategy with the help of illicit and theft liquors; caught by the police, but no resolution even after 20 years of crime.

    The same situation happened in Golbandha of Ganjam in the year 2007, where more than 15 people were died; CM visited the site and the case run for over a year, but no resolution. So, what we can expect from today's case at Cuttack and others from these ministers?


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    Demanding resignation or submitting resignation is not a solutin to any problem. By resigning or asking resign no can return back the lifes or the sufferings of the family of the victim. No one can bring their lives in to the track again as earlier. Neither root cause of the problem can be found out nor it can be eliminated by resignation. It is only dirty damn politics nothing else. First of all find out the reason behind such incident, if some minister is found to be culprit, don't ask for resignation only, rather punish him/her severly, sent them behind the jail and make their political career full stop.

    I do really agree with Mr. Naresh, that offering resignation is a coward practice before getting the reason of the incident. It means they know they are culprits. Hence playing safely.

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    I don't agree to say that giving resignation after such incidents will be counted as coward practice. I feel, he accepted his mistake and inability to run the ministry and show his courage to submit resignation. I think, it is the duty of the government to move forward with an inquiry and punish the culprit. He showed a path to free and fair inquiry against him. As he had no power with him, he was not going to influence the investigation and inquiry. Everybody is not have such moral responsibility. I don't want to comment his mistake or not, but if he had done any, then now it is easy to punish him.
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    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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