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    Rewarding Programme- Revenue Sharing System Lunched in Orissa Spider

    Hi Friends,
    I have a very good news for all of you. Now all can get some shares on the profit of Orissa spider. Now 25% share of Orissa spider revenue will be distributed among all the members if they will fulfill the below eligibility. Total eligible points for ORS is 3000 points means if total addition of all members points will be 1500 then it will be calculated as 3000. The calculation details is given below.

    Eligibility of a member for Revenue Sharing Programme in Orissa Spider

  • Per member the total eligible points is 150 and from the 150 points, 100 points should be from resource section.
  • Only points from Resource and Forum section will be calculated.

  • How Profits of ORS will be given to members

    Lets take Rs 8000 as the profit of Orissa spider so its 25% means Rs 2000 will be distributed. Suppose total addition of 5 members (A-550 points, B-1000 points, C-800 points, D-750 points, E-400 points) of Orissa spider come 3500 points. Then the calculation will be as follows:-

    Share of A = Rs 2000*550/3500= Rs 314
    Share of B = Rs 2000*1000/3500= Rs 571
    Share of C = Rs 2000*800/3500= Rs 457
    Share of C = Rs 2000*750/3500= Rs 429
    Share of C = Rs 2000*400/3500= Rs 229

    Note:- If the addition of total points by all members stand below 3000 then it will be calculated on 3000 points.

    Why MOW Stopped and RS Programme Lunched ?

    In these 2 months we found that participation of members is good but they are not getting more for their hard works means if in one month Orissa spider earns Rs 4000 then members are getting the same amount when the site is earning Rs 8000. So in this revenue sharing programme, all members cal see the impact of their posts in the earning of the site and their earning will be more as well as the revenue of the site increase. I think all the members can understand what I want to state.

    All the members are requested to post their feedback, suggestions and complaints regarding the new rewarding programme in Orissa spider.
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    Thanks Mr. Bhisma, for notifying a Good information with us. Getting Such a wonderful message in the early morning, made me very happy today. In addition, as you described about the revenue sharing program and the process of distribution is very clear. Hope, the members will understand the same without any doubt.

    @Members, this is a great opportunity for us. As per your last performances and contributions to OSR, we get back the Revenue Sharing program. OrissaSpider is doing very well as compare to other sister sites of IndiaStudyChannel. Therefore, kindly try to post more and more in Resource and Forum section. In addition, minimum 100 points should be drawn from resource section. All the best to all!


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    Thank you webmaster for launching revenue sharing in OrissaSpier. I think more members can able to enjoy benefit from this scheme. MoW is only bring benefit to one or two members but this can helpful to minimum five member. Hence, I feel this can be able to increase the traffic of OrissaSpider. Another benefit of this proposal is the time limit. If any member failed to contribute in the first week of the month then he can contribute in second week. Hence I feel it will be more beneficiary than the MoW. So, once again I want to give you a special thanks for bringing such beneficiary proposal.

    With regards,

    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    Thanks Mr. Bhisma for such a pleasant news. Good award scheme. I was heard about it in other sister concern of Orissa Spider. Good to see this award scheme here. From the forum discussions, it looks like that the points for one month wil be considered and the revenue will be shared among the qualified members after one month.

    Hece, it is a very good opportunity for all the members to earn a very good revenue apart from your regular income. Because mebers are having one month opportunity to score points.

    @members- try to post as many articles and forum threads as possible. It will increase points as well as income to Orissa Spider. And in result yours.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Thanks Mr. Bhisma for this good news. It is a very good opportunity to earn some extra revenue for all members. This is also a good idea, to encourage new members to post good article & Forum.

    Thanks & regards,
    Suramya Behera
    Sports lovers, join here

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    Thanks friends for accepting this revenue programme in Orissa spider. With all of your cooperation and coordination we can introduce more such programmes in this site.
    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Indeed one of the best program in this site. This program will help the members to connect with the mainstream of the site, the administrators and also being the part of the site be able to share the revenue of the total earnings. This will help the site to earn more as now the members too become eligible to earn and share the profit of the site just like share holders in stock exchanges.
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    Hi Bhisma,

    First of all, Let me thank you for bringing out such a fantastic concept for giving away an online earning opportunity to all, specially people from Odisha. I must thank and congratulate you for this effort.

    Today I joined and gone through almost all available guidelines you have put.

    Those are so simple and narrative that it can be understood by any person.

    A special thank to the writer of these instructions. Great job.

    I am also having quiet a good experience on this online system and really find this forum a very nice place to earn huge.

    This is a very unique place to earn.

    I am going to bring in huge members to this site by making this forum my number one promoting platform in my sites and blogs since now.

    I will also be a daily visitor to this forum and will make my articles the best of all.


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    Hi Chagala Tripathy,

    This a unique program which you never get through any private website. Its our greatness that the site owner and webmaster gave this opportunity to earn diversely by various methods. However, we must concentrate on Resource and Forum part only. This is because, we're getting the revenues from here only. Therefore, please try to put more concentration on these two. In addition, if you've any more topic to discuss or doubt regarding any topic, please post in Forum section only. All the best, have a nice journey at


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