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    Discuss: How much you satisfied with the performance of our Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'How much you satisfied with the performance of our Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik?'.
    Today is 63rd Republic Day of India, on this special day lets observe the progress of our state under our honourable Chief Minister Sri Naveen Patnaik. He served our state for more than 11 years and did many brave steps and develop our state in many ways. Because of his people benefit policies, he is the most popular political leader in our state at present time.
    But many time, few political leaders raised finger against him and commented as a corrupt CM. Do you believe he is involved in corruption? Do you really satisfy with his performance? What do you need more from our CM? Lets give your own judgement on this issue.
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    Patient must believe the doctors; people should believe their leaders. Without believing nothing is possible in this world. Naveen has large number of follwers in Odisha. His performance is very nice; everytime whenever he asks to central govt. for funds or anykind of helps, he asked very strongly. He never get back in his political life, nor he failed to achieve anything in these days. People too having more hope & believe from Naveen patnaik in future days.

    @Vicky, as per your questions, I would like to answer- Non a person in this earth has gone through the corruption. Corruption is a kind of disease which insisted in every person. However, in case of Naveen, in his political career, he rarely involved (directly) in making corruption. As we know time by time, he is cleaning the bacterias (removing the corrupted ministers) to protect himself (Ministry) and his house (Odisha). That's why, he became a most popular CM (3 times) as per India Today-Nielson survey.


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    Thank you Naresh, for giving a response to this thread. Really I do believe, he is a good leader and not involved in any corruption.

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    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    Odisha is growing under the leadership of shri Naveen Patnaik. He is a capable administrator. When a leader is trying to so some good to the society, then it is obvious that there will be some followers and some oppsers. where opposition is there, it is also obvious that there will be comments. So comments by a handful of persons/opposers should not be paid heed rather one has to see the brighter side.
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    Dear Vicky,

    I have fully agreed and accepted Mr. Naresh statement. Each and every person of a state should believe their government. I came to know that Mr. Naveen Patnaik is a very good administrator of Odisha. He has implemented many schemes for the welfare of Odisha in various sectors. He also promised in his Republic day speech at Cuttack that he would do many works for the improvement of Odisha in future.

    Further, I have known that he is not a person involving in the corruptions. He advised his Ministers not to involve in any corruptions. This shows that Mr. Naveen Patnaik is a clean man. So, The state Odisha will be taken to high in performance in all ways in future by the Present Odisha government. It is true and every people of Odisha may believe it.

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