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    Shall we overcome from our old attitude?

    We are now in 2000 century but not changed our attitude. Why the priest and our religious leaders against the entry of foreigners into our temples? Let them allow to know about our culture and beliefs. This will help our culture to grow more and more. Do you feel it is not right to allow them into the temples? Please express your view on this point by giving sufficient support to your answer.
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    You're very true Mr. Vicky. The Hindu culture is totally diminished by the Brahmins, who wrongly represents the rituals in every corner in our country. At Jagannath temple of Puri, these kind of incidents are commonly happening every year. Every year, this kind of nuisance is going on; however, recently APJ Abdul Kalam too not allowed to enter the Aagamashastra temple at Chennai. Really, people will are at the same place with their mean-minded deliberations.

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    you are wright. Persons of other religion may be allowed to enter into hindu temples and know about hindu culture but with certain regulations. Before commenting on this issue, we have to know why other religion people are not allowed to enter into hindu temple? After knowing the fact any discussion in this matter will keep importance.

    @members- provide the reason of the same for discussion.

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    Dear Vicky,

    The cultures and religious factors of India are too old and it has the history of more than 2000 years old. This speaks about the Indian people characters and behaviors. The religious factors of different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Christian are quite common in India that reflects the way of Praying God, explains the Dos and Don'ts in their life and some other activities like methods of marriage etc.. This various methods are also followed in the temples of different religions in India. This must be shown to the foreigners that will be helpful to know our cultures and religions. In south India, The Foreigners are allowed into all religions temples as like the people of India.

    Some Foreigners have been attracted by our culture and religion factors and they have followed our methods and procedures in the marriage. This shows the foreigner's interest on our culture and religions factors. So, the foreigners have to be allowed in North Indians temples to know our culture and religion factors. The only our culture will be known to world wide.

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    It is the time for younger generations to think about such attitudes of religious people and try to bring changes in our society.
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    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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