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    Make Oidsha tobacco free!

    In my recent visit to my home state Odisha, I found that most of people of our state are consuming tobacco in its various forms. Even while travelling in train I found that high school students also consume tobacco in the form of "Pudia". It is very unfortunate, really I feel the pain on that, in which direction we are moving. Consumption of tobacco in any form is very harmful to health. It causes cancers and lungs diseases. Even after using tobacco people throw the plastic packet, that non biodegradable packet also create pollution in the environment. I feel happy to know that government imposed more tax on the tobacco products to control over it.
    So, dear members please take a step to make Odisha tobacco free. Never hesitate to advise school children to avoid tobacco as it will destroy their life.

    Avoid tobacco unless tobacco will take your life.
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    Dear Vicky,

    I would like to share my feeling with you regarding the usage of Tobacco. Yes, The use of tobacco will take the human lives. The parents are the role model to their children and they have to stop the tobacco usage first themselves. The government should take necessary action to prevent the usage of tobacco in any form by producing and showing the documentary films to the public in which they have to explain how the usage of tobacco is very harmful and injurious to health. A subject in the school and college syllabuses might be included in which it should be taught the causes of tobacco usage.

    The children and students are the future assets of our country. It is the duty of the government to stop the usage of tobacco by the students while they are childhood. By taking this innovative steps, we can make the state Odisha as a tobacco free state in future.

    With regards,
    (Active member of OSR)

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    Dear Vicky,

    Your concern for Tobacco is rightly appreciable. Now a days tobacco consumers has been increased to a great extent. As You said, even School children have also been addicted to it. It is even painful to see the educated mass is taking tobacco as a bare necessity item of their life. They know that chewing tobacco can be injurious to health. Still they are taking it. The reason behind it it the tense life. They could not tolerance the tension of their lives. Hence to keep away from tension they are taking it. Though initially it may give pleasure by reducing tension, but after some time it will become a tension for them. They are not thinking it.Govt. neither state not Central want to ban tobacco completely because it is a good source of revenue for them. Because it attracts high percentage of tax.

    One more important thing is that you might have seen the awareness slogan at the back side of every tobacco product pack. And the tobacco chewing people hardly notice that. Even if they notice, they take it casualy.

    If the remedial measures given by Mr. Manoharan is adopted, then we can reduce tobacco consumption to some extent. But not completely.

    Thanks & Regards

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