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    Relocation of business and tourism posts to Resource section in Orissa Spider


    In Orissaspider, we are in a process of relocating all good tourism posts and business posts to the Resources section, because that section is crawled best and in all sites, most of our revenue comes from resources only.

    We will be gradually deleting all other sections except for Resource and Forum in all sites from our server.

    If you have any past tourism or business post, please re-post it in the resources section and notify me / Naresh Kumar with links of both the posts (the new one and the old one). The old one will be deleted at the earliest to avoid duplicate content issues - so do not forget to notify immediately after posting or your own AdSense might be in trouble.

    At present, we are only allowing hotel / restaurants, hospitals / nursing homes and educational institutions in the resources section. Other minor business posts do not bring us any traffic and it's time to shake them off altogether.

    Please Note:

    1. In most cases, we will give just a token cash credit for the renewed post, as reposting a post means you will get AdSense for the same for another year. You might therefore expect a drop in your cash balance, but you'll have extended AdSense share for the reposted articles.

    2. Please use semantic HTML while reposting old articles. Some pre-Panda articles use SEO techniques that are harmful in the post-Panda world; if there is any such thing in your post, rectify it. You must try to improve the SEO quality of the post concerned by present norms and all means possible.

    3. Re-posted articles will be treated as fresh articles and will be kept pending if any problem is found, with due notifications.

    4. You are requested to complete the relocation process within January 2012. After that, the admin team will delete your old articles and repost themselves.

    5. We might need to reject some contents for the overall betterment and development of the website. A post that was approved in the past doesn't ensure it's re-approval, when re-posted.

    Update By Naresh Kumar
    While re-posting the old business or tourism contents in resource section, you should mention the old URL in the 'Message to editors' box while posting the content in resource. It will help the editors to find out the old post easily. In addition, your new posts will be approved after verification and cash will be credited as per the norms.

    Note: These types of resources will not be taken into consideration for MOW means the points of the relocated posts will not be calculated for Member of the week award in Orissa spider.
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    Thanks Bhisma, for puting this information in a open forum. As most of the members are already known to this fact; but it will be easy to clarify their doubts and queries within a short time without waiting for a email.

    Dear members, As Bhisma said, if you've any old business posts, then you can re-post the same content or by adding more information in resource section. However, you must check whether the same information should not be repeated and contents related to hotel / restaurants, hospitals / nursing homes and educational institutions will be credited more as compared to others. In addition, while posting the same in resource section, you should mention the old URL of businss post in 'Message to Editors' box; which will be easily identified by the editors.


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    Hello Members,
    Only posts related to hotel / restaurants, hospitals / nursing homes and educational institutions are allowed. All other posts excluding these sections will be rejected from today onwards.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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