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    No response to the Forum messages

    Dear Members,

    It is a regular practice of several members that they are posting forums but never response to the discussions made to the topic by others. They do not participate actively in the forum message posted by them only. The reason behind it is unknown. I think for the sake of points only they are doing it.

    It is not good for Orissa Spider. If this will happen regularly, ther would be no importance of Forum.

    @webmaster- take the matter seriously please.

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    Hi Krishna,
    I am getting the point what you want to show. From the new year we will be strict in the forum section cause I am seeing that some members are posting unwanted or we can say that junk questions are answers. The topics are not related to Odisha.

    So from the new year if we will see that any one is just spamming the forum section they we will delete the response and cut some points of his/her profile as penalty.

    You will also see a forum editor in Orissa spider from this new year.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Hi Bhisma,

    Thanks for getting me and my message. I also appreciate your decision to appoint an editor for forum section from new year onwards. And cut off of points as penalty for junk messages/spamming messages.

    But it is my thinking that we may discuss those matters having utmost importance, though it may not related to odisha but to our Country.


    Thanks & Regards

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    Hello Bhisma,

    Yes it is true. Many members are posting contents in the Forum section only for getting the points and they are not worry about the quality of the contents that they posted in the forum section. There is also some irrelevant contents to the topic that they are posting in the forum section. This kind of habits in posting forums of members should be stopped by an innovative approach.

    The appointment of separate Editor for Forum definitely will be very useful. The unwanted contents in the forum section can also be avoided by proper editing. So, On behalf of Orissaspider active members, I welcome this new innovative idea of appointing an editor for forum section in OSR and I wish to convey my advance wishes to the forthcoming new editor of forum section.

    With regards,
    Active Member, OSR.

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    I can understand your feelings but forum section is not a group discussion. Here no body is forced to give a response to a thread. It is depend on the member to decide and put a response. We can not achieve a good traffic by forcing members or putting some rules to give responses on the threads of forum section. To develop this we have to post good and attractive forum threads. Such thread can attract many more members attention and motivate them to put a good response to that good thread. Even in ISC many threads move out unanswered. The number of responses depends on the quality of the thread.
    Next thing, we have to encourage our members (both New and Senior)to contribute in forum section. We can post current news and social issues on this section and make a good discussion to make live this forum section.

    With regards,

    (Expect for the best but prepare for the worst)

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    I got u. But my intention is not to force anybody to participate in the forum. But I want to point out that if anybody don't want to participate actively, then why he/she is creating threads. If anyone put some thread for discussion, then he/she has to participate actively otherwise there is no meaning of this forum.

    Attracting attention for a thread depends upon its quality. Hence, the thread without quality should not given the approval status. And I really appreciate the step of our Webmaster in this regard.


    Thanks & Regards

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