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    Take care on handling the Google AdSense Account

    Dear friends,

    I want to share my view about the Google AdSense account. The Google AdSense account is more sensitiveness one. So, We have to take at most care in the handling of that account. If we perform or involved in any Invalid Click Activity then the Google will disable our account immediately. The existing balance of account can not be get back. Then getting the re approval from the Google is also so difficult. I got this experience from the Google and my account has been disabled four times.

    Hence, I request all the members to take care while handling the Google Adsense account.

    With regards,

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    Hi all,

    Its very true that getting an account from Google AdSense is very difficult. In addition, losing due to careless / unaware activities will make much more disappointment.

    I think there are very few members in OSR, who've Google AdSense account. Whatever it may be, as Manoharan said, every AdSense account holder must not click any ads of Google at any circumstances.


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    Nice info Manoharan, Its indeed a cruel fact that, as simple and easy is to lose your adsense account, so difficult and tough is to get the approval of it. So, always protect your adsense account from any illegal activity.
    Manoharan if you have an existing adsense account or you are going to apply for the same, please take tips from experts on how to maintain it and how to apply it.

    I too can help you in this regard, I have my adsense account active since may 2010.

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    Hello Manoharan Sir,
    I have previously discussed with you about "How to apply for Adsense in the right time". So that I don't think to provide much information here. I know that your Adsense a/c is disabled before some days so that my suggestion is to "not to re-apply for Adsense before 6 months" from this month. I am mentioning some points, I am sure if you will follow this then you will get your Adsense approved in one chance.

    1. Always try to post genuine contents cause the more you will post copied content, there is many chances for Adsense disapproval.
    2. Apply for Adsense when you have posted more than 100 articles and active in the site from 6 months.
    3. Write some detailed information in your profile page and give a real photo of yours in the profile.
    4. Keep posting more in "Resource" section cause Google is always looking for articles.

    I am sure if you will follow these rules then after 6 months you will get your Adsense in first chance and it will remain active for always.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Though Whatever Bhishma has given are the upper limits or you can say the safest limit after which you have very negligible chance to lose your adsense account. genuinely if you go for applying after 100 articles and reapplication after 6 months, you have many chances of getting your adsense approved by Google.
    But with these you should always keep in mind the rest criteria, those are your real profile pic, true address proof etc.

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    Thanks to all. Very good information. It will help not only us but the new members who will join later also for opening and taking care of their Google Ad Sense Account.


    Thanks & Regards

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