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    Whether "Atithi Devo Bhava" is followed in India as well as in Odisha?

    Dear Members,

    India and particularly Jagannathpuri Odisha has always been a favourite place for the foreign tourists to visit. Foreign Tourists like the culture here, the softness of its people and their way of behaviour towards guests.

    But some culprits, evil minded people never understand the menaing of the phrase "Atithi Debo Bhava" . They are trying to cheat them, take undue advantage of their belief. They even don't hesitate to take their lives for the little bit money, foreigners posses. The rape cases with foreign tourists, loots, and even murder cases has been increased significantly. Despite of the law to protect, people are not fearing to do these kind of activities.

    Recent cases in Puri of beating a foreign lady by a youngman, cheating by pandas and rape case in gujurat etc. are the proof to the above statement.

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    Hi Krishna,
    It is a very good topic for discussion. Really it is very shameful for us that we are behaving so badly to the foreigners. But in my view there is only one sentence can describe this "Wo badly behave karte hai kyuki hum unhe karwane dete hai' . If we will not raise the voice then there will be no change. We should not support any kind of misbehave or cheating to foreigners.

    I am taking Orissa spider in this topic. If we will write bad words and mis guide the visitors then in future Orissa spider will be visitor less so what is the benefit to run a visitor less website.

    Accordingly if we will behave badly and cheat the visitors then in future no one will come to Odisha to see the beauty of nature or historical places so will Odisha get benefit for this ? Absolutely NO, so we have to raise our voice against these kind of people who are going against the phrase "Atithi Devo Bhava".

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Dear Friends,

    The word "Atithi Devo Bhava" is really a golden phrase which was taught from our childhood. This teach us the manners of human beings, The characters build from the generations of our family, The culture of out country, The hospitality of our people to the foreigners. This is our duty to make safe guard and provide full security in all aspects to the foreigners those who are coming to India as our guests.

    The foreigners are coming to our country based on the good faith of our people's courtesy, behavior and character, respects etc.. So, we people should prove their faith among our country and people and it is our duty.

    But few persons having crucial mind are behaving in very bad manner and involved in many illegal activities like rapping ,cheating and murder the foreigners also. This kind of illegal activities should be stopped immediately.

    The only way to stop this kind of activities is to punish severely the persons those who are involved in this activities. So, we will raise our voice to give safety to the foreigners in our country.

    With regards,


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    Hi Manoharan and Bhisma,

    Thanks for your response. Now the time has arrived. We have to raise our voice against those culprits to attract more and more foreign guests and keep up the golden word 'Atithi Devo Bhava"


    Thanks & Regards

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