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    BJD supports for a strong Lokpal bill at Center.

    BJD supports for a strong Lokpal bill for control corruption. BJD also support Jan Lokpal bill which was proposed by Anna team with the help of different groups of people. To extended their support BJD send a representative to the Jantar Mantar Debate on a strong Lokpal on Sunday. The prime opposition party in Odisha criticized BJD for participating in the debate and said it is for a populous vote bank policy. They criticized BJD and blamed that to influence people and gain more votes BJD shared the stage with social activities and all anti congress parties. Do you feel participating in a debate is wrong? While many congress party leaders participate on the opening ceremony of different business sectors and others, then why they fear to participate in such good public debates!

    I know many members are here to give their response for this thread with eagerly. So, why is the late!
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    Actually participating in an open discussion don't seem wrong. They are the representatives of common man and if they are discussing it unofficially there for the sake of public clearance, then I don't see any harm in it. This step of all the political parties who participated should be respected. And if possible Congress too should clarify her stand on each topics, which is assumed by most of the Indians now that Congress is opposing, but the scenario is different.
    Congress party should clear her stand on the different topics debated at jantar mantar.

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    Thank you Ataul, for a positive response. I feel congress lost a good chance to show its stand on a strong Lokpal bill. It make the situation that it is the only party which oppose a strong Lokpal bill.
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    You Are Wright. Participating in any social stage for discussing a very good and a needy matter don't seems to be wrong. It is not a violation to any act. We are staying in an independent nation who has conferred certain rights to its citizens. Hence we are having enough right to participate in a social debate. I think congress and its allies have lost their confidence. It is a question mark, why congress and their allies are not interested for strong Lokpal Bill? Are they Corrupted? Whether they don't want a corruption free India?

    A MP is first of all a citizen of India, Hence I don't think their participation in the debate is wrong.


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    Dear Krishna,
    Thank you for your response. Few people believe that the fight against corruption now become fight against congress. I feel it is only the fault of congress who created the situation such a way that every thing go against it. Congress involved in many corruptions and while we talk about corruption it is not possible to avoid congress. I feel congress should try to change its image rather criticize people against corruption.

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