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    Shall Mobile SIM are allowed to be sold without identity proof?

    Now a days various mobile companies are offering SIM without Identity proof of the user. It may lead to unsocial activities. The persons with ill thinking mind will utilise it as an opportunity to implement their unsocial activity without any fear of being caught by the police.Incidences of Scolding Girls in abusing language , threatening for murder etc. came into scene. Terrorist activity may grow with the help of the unidentity SIM.

    These practices need to be stopped as soon as possible to prevent the unsocial activities.

    With Regards
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    Hi Krishna,
    As far my knowledge, there no companies which are providing mobile Sim connections without identity proof. It is against the rules of TRAI and India Govt. The real thing is some mobile Sim sellers are engaged in duplicating the identity proofs and photos so they are providing some buyers without identity proof and photograph. I am giving an example:-

    Suppose you bought one SIM card in Rs 100 and submitted your identity proof xerox and photograph and you gone to your home happily with the new Sim card. After that I came to buy a SIM card and I had no identity proof and photo so the SIM seller made xerox of your identity proof and color xerox of your photograph so I got the SIM without any proof of mine.

    So I want to tell all the visitors or members that:- Don't buy SIM cards from any new SIM card seller or from whom, you are not familiar. Always try to buy SIM cards from authorized service centres of such companies.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Hi Bhisma,

    Your views are appreciable. You are right to some extent as far as duplicate identity proof is concerned. Your advice is also granted regarding purchase of sim card from familiar sellers only.

    But one thing I want to convey you and all members that I have seen the authorised employees of the SIM company are selling for publicity and advertisement in big cities by moving vans, stalls etc.. However, I don't want to take the name of that company, but it is correct.


    Thanks & Regards

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    I think the employees are also using the above procedure for selling. Peoples are also showing more interest to these kind of SIMs. For stopping this activity the SIM companies should maintain high security verifications of the identity proof and photograph.
    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    SIM cards should be given with proper verification only. As now SIMs can be used for many illegal and dangerous activities. So, selling of SIMs without proper verification should completely be shunned.
    Just few days back we had seen the use of unidentified SIM case in the bomb blast in the high court in Delhi and the Taj attack by Kasab and others through a SIM which was sold in Kolkata.
    So, selling SIMS without proper verification is really dangerous for the security of our country.

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    Selling of Mobile SIM cards without proper proof and verification is not only wrong but regarded as a crime. This will affect security of our society and country. I think as a responsible citizen we should not encourage such things and if possible try to take action against who were following such wrong methods.
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    Dear friends,

    The SIM card should be sold with proper identity proof of the respective person those who purchase the SIM. Most of the MOBILE SERVICES in India are being handed over the SIM to the person after getting the proper address proof of the person those who avail the MOBILE SERVICE. There may be a chance to get the SIM card illegally if the person knows the dealer of the particular mobile services.

    Anyway, This kind of illegal service in the SIM card distribution must be stopped because this kind of services will provide a chance to do malpractices in usage of SIM card. The forgery of SIM card usage must be finished severely. The only reason for this kind of activities is that many Mobile Services are offering free SIM card to their Customers. This kind of distribution also should be stopped. The SIM card number may also be fixed in National Identity card of the person
    to avoid the forgery.

    With regards,


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