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    Discuss: What is the main reason of development of Maoists in Odisha?

    Appearance of Naxalism in odisha is not a present scenario. It appeared bay back because of the tortures on the innocent tribals by the rich businessmen. It is alleged that Govt. has not taken any step to stop that torture. The torture and cheating was so heavy that the innocent tribals were forced to lift arms to protect themselves. Silence of Govt. in this regard has created anger in the mind of tribals against the Govt. System. And when the agitation moved to the extreme stage, Govt. tried to stop that by applying its power without going deep into the rootcause of the agitation. It might have created anger against System and Police System.

    However, I can say some people are trying to take undue advantage of the naxilsm movement. They are doing sinful activities in the name of Naxilsm. However,the objective of naxilsm is changed. And the present objective is not clear.What they want? But movement is going on. On one hand they are talking about the development of tribals but when Govt. is trying to do it; either they are resisted or destroyed by Naxals. This is the reason I am saying that their objective is not clear.
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    There are many causes behind the developments of Maoists in Odisha. According to me the main reason for its developments is wrong government policies. Government policies are failed to bring confidence of the tribal people. Government did not take any proper steps for development of tribal regions. Next our society and government failed to bring them into the main stream of society. In the name of industrialization people destroyed forest area. Government and rich people grab lands. These are the basic cause of Naxalism. Another causes are the unemployment in tribal youths and bad leadership in tribal areas. Because of unemployment tribal people not refuse to take weapons. The bad leadership of Maoists never allowed any person to live a normal life. If he oppose them the person killed in the name of informer. This create panic in innocent people. In this way they forced to survive under the Naxalism. Proper government policies and change of leadership in tribal areas can able to control Naxalism in Odisha.
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    I think it is very difficult to analyze the main reason of naxalism in Odisha. All the points you have given are true and exact reasons for which naxalism is prevailing here in Odisha, but with this many other reasons like communication gap, huge forests and under development areas in the state of Odisha.
    The KBK regions are mostly affected by this naxalism because of communication gap between the govt and the people of the regions residing there.

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