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    Improvement of Look of Orissa Spider Site

    Suggestions for Better looking of the Site

    The look of the site is looking like clusmy. It may be improved with the following steps. Hence, request to review the points/views given by me.

    1. The paragraph alignment is not justified. Justified alignment will give a very good look to the paragraph.

    2. In Featured Article Section the old ones are still continuing. Though their importance in no more. Hence, this section needs to be updated with most recent featured articles.

    3. There are repetition of Job adds. Same jobs are viewed in different sections like, 'in Recent Articles', 'in Jobs of Odisha', '2011 Jobs' and below also. My view is that – 'one heading for jobs in an attractive manner should be there' and under that sub-heading of jobs like 'Private Jobs', 'Govt. Jobs', 'Defence Jobs' etc. And if someone clicks the sub-heading then he/she will get the details regarding that category.]

    4. Brief details regarding Odisha can be shown as a single heading "About Odisha" and hyperlink to the details.

    5. Fonts are looking like ordinary. If fonts can be changed, then it will give a better look to the site.

    6. Scrolling contents besides the 'Search Tab' are half visible. Either make it to full view or else place it somewhere.
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    Ok, Mr K C Padhy. I will look after the points which you have specified.
    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Dear friend,

    This kind of Websites comes under India Study Channel. The changes of the website look even also good suggestion , it should come to ALL spider network websites.

    With regards,

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    Hi krishna Chandra Padhy, please read this to have a clear picture about the site. I am describing each of your points bit by bit below.

    1. Paragraph alignment is not justified.
    -For Paragraph alignment, you need to use some html tags like "br", in the lines, where you want the line to continue as as the next line. Don't think that the way you write over the forum/resources text area, view will be same again on the published content. This alignment you yourself have to do.
    2. Featured articles are here on OSR done manually and not on the basis of RSS which shows the recent posts automatically. So, an editor is required always to check for these kind of updates.
    3. Repetition of jobs are done to attract more visitors and process the visitors to see for the jobs everywhere they are on sites. Though I too don't like this redundancy of posts everywhere on OSR. It should be removed.
    4. Your point regarding the brief description about Odisha is really a good one and I think it may be implemented in near future.
    5. Fonts though can be changed, but it is not that much required.
    6. Just go through this set up and you yourself be able to solve your problem.
    -Go to your profile page, by clicking on your name on the left sidebar.
    -You will see a list of links, click on the site setup.
    -Now uncheck the box of "remove right sidebar"
    -Now save this setting and see the new updated view having full view of your search box.

    Note: Be careful don't uncheck the box for "remove left sidebar", you may not able to work properly here on OSR.

    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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    Hi Atul,Please see my replies to your response:

    1. I am talking about paragraph alignment on the main web page. Whether we are allowed to use the

    2.My intention was also for the editor/Webmaster to check.

    3.I prefer More attractive presentation for Job Opportunities rather posting in repition way.

    4.thank You for your support.

    5.I don't want to comment on this.

    6. I was talking about the contents (alphabet or half scrolling lines) on left top of search box and not regarding search box. However not the same has been removed.


    Thanks & Regards

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    Okay Krishana I got you. See the changes in effect as per your suggestions. Thanks for the support.
    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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