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    Discuss: Do You think the quality of education particularly in Odisha is degrading day by day?

    I think the education system is in a downgrading trend. The decision of the Govt. to qualify all upto VIIIth Std. irrespective of the marks secured in the examination, the quality of the students and their knowledge is looking like horrible. The syllabus present in the books seems to be very weak as compared to earlier say in 90s. The only improvised difference is transmission from black & white picture to color. It is only a window dressing. The quality of teaching is also very poor so also the attendence of teachers and students. There is no punishment for mischiefs and long absent, because it is a strict order from education ministry.
    You don't think it has been done only to increase the literacy percentage in Govt. records rather in actual. You don't think Govt. is in the process of creating literate uneducated mass in the coming years.

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    Hi Krishna Chandra Padhy,

    Your topic of discussion is truly a concern for every citizen. This is because, Education is the first part of life; without which nothing can be done in this current/future eras. However, the application of different methodologies by govt. of Orissa or India must be appreciated; as there are number of analysts who survey and analyse the trend of lifestyle and changing environment as well as the education pattern, implemented. In addition, after many analysis the steps or decisions were took by them. As per my opinion, whatever govt. tries or implies is best to eradicate the illiterate banner; however, somewhere it lacks/fails to proof completely/partly, due to many reasons; such as, political, environmental, sociological, awareness among people, poorness or scarcity etc. Mostly, whatever govt. do/es at first people think negatively; and after a certain/little progress they feel some hopes behind that. We must think positively and take that approaches of govt. towards people's benefit. If there is any lacking or leaking then we must aware our govt. regarding that. Nowadays, due to electronic media and communication everything become easy to communicate, so one must not be delay to encounter any issue in front of our govt.


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    @Krishna Chandra Padhy, You have raised a valid topic, but are you really concerned to the quality of education given in the primary schools of Odisha?
    If your topic focuses on the quality of education given in the Govt primary schools of Odisha, then I completely agree with you. I too have noticed the absence and irregularity of teachers in schools. Quality is not degrading but the mentality of teachers and enthusiasm in teaching style has surely depreciated since 90's.
    teachers in wand of some good rewards and promotion used to teach students, but now due to Govt's lack of any such incentives for the teachers and schools, teachers are now habituated with their daily works and don't expect much from govt. This lack of incentives and promotions has led the teachers to go on hibernation.
    Govt should focus on the primary schools and their maintenance too, just creating a school building and leaving them under some 2-3 teachers for years are sure to show this kind of degradation in the quality of education.
    When you work, you too want to be noticed, but in the case of these primary school teachers they don't find any one vigilant on them, so they too are relaxed in their works.

    But for the context you have mentioned here, about the degradation in the level of quality education in Odisha, I would this is not true, but in contrast it has been raised to many fold with the mushrooming of many private institutions in Odisha. These private institution very carefully take care of their teacher and staffs and always keep an eye on their performance and rewards accordingly. This has led to the competition among the students, teachers and schools too.

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    Hi Naresh Kumar,

    Thanks for Your response. I do appreciate your views. You are absolutely Wright that Govt. is taking decision to implement something after through analysis and recommendations of the experts. On the other hand it is also the responsibility of the govt. to obtain feedback regarding the appropriate implementation & results of the same and if necessary bring some changes to it. But in actual it is not happening. The reason may be the feedback sent to the govt. is manipulated. I have written all out of my practical experience. And you are once again wright that we must awae our govt. regarding it.

    I am fully confident that orissa spider is best forum through which we can do it.

    thanks and regards

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    @Atual Haque,
    Thanks for your response. I do really appreciate your views. The growing competition for job has given the opportunity for the Govt. to go for consolidated scale of a meagre salary as incentive or reward. But as a job aspirant, when somebody is accepting to do the job then he has to do it whole heartedly rather not to go for hibernation.

    Your views are wright regarding the private educational institutions. But one thing I can say the fees they are charging from the students is so high so as the other things like costly books,uniforms etc.This is the reason that most of the families can't afford to it. Though Private institutions trying to eliminate the gap, but it is not enough.

    we hope for the best in future and a better educational system.

    Thanks & regards

    Thanks & Regards

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    @Krishna Chandra padhy, I think I have raised many times the same issue regarding the fees structures in private institutions. In the sister site of this Orissaspider, I had raised the same issue of fees in private institution and got many affirmative responses. But of no use, we the people understand what are our basic needs and requirements, but when our Govt too can understand these is a long wait.
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    I am working as a physics teacher in Visakhapatnam and find the difference between the education of Odisha and Visakhapatnam. I found a very big gap between these two. In Vizag we give IIT coaching at 8th class level only, this make more students success in IIT examination for Andhra pradesh. But our education system in Odisha have not planned properly.
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