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    Part Time Representatives Needed for Orissa Spider for All Districts of Orissa

    Orissa Spider is now a faster growing website of Orissa. This site contains latest news of Orissa, Jobs in Orissa, Film information in Orissa, Tourism of Orissa, Famous personalities of Orissa, Examinations of Orissa etc. If you will be a representative of your district then you will get some extra benefit than other members. There will be no fixed income for these representatives, They will be paid as per articles or information written by them.

    The representatives will get maximum earning per post than other members. They will get quick response from the Editors and Webmasters regarding any problem.

    How Representatives Can Earn From Orissa Spider

    The representatives can earn in three ways from Orissa Spider.

  • First one is Earn from Posting. They can earn according to their posting and writing in Orissa spider. Their is no limit of earning for any post. They can earn upto or more than Rs 100 per post.

  • Second one is Referral Income. When ever the representatives will refer any person to Orissa Spider for registering they will get Rs 1 per referral. If the referred person gets 500 points, the representative will get Rs 100. When the referred person gets 5000 points, the representative will get Rs 250 and if the referred person gets 25000 points then the representatives will get Rs 500. If the referred person will not validate his E Mail then the representative will not get anything. No Cheating or Fraud-ling is allowed. Cause Orissa Spider can track each referral.

  • Third One is Adsense Revenue. After fulfilling some eligibility criteria the representatives can take part in Google Adsense Revenue sharing. Orissa Spider will give 90% of the Adsense revenue of the posts, to the representatives for 1 year. The details of the programme will be discussed further.

  • We are needing the representatives for all the Districts of Orissa. The representatives have to write all the information about their district. The management team can appoint more than 1 representative for a district. If you are interested then Send a mail on orissaspider@gmail.comn. or Discuss Live on G Talk. The user id is litu603.

    Representatives Got Permission

    Sambalpur and Jharsuguda- Ataul Haque
    Ganjam and Rayagada- Krishna Chandra Padhy
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    This is a good initiative and steps taken by the Webmaster of this site. OrissaSpider is growing nowadays; however there are many information was to be post at here. There are number of members joined to this site, but very rare members are active and giving their efforts.

    The most important part we require is all information about Orissa and its 30 districts. That is about Jobs, Classifieds, Business points, festivals, functions, events, etc. as well as the whole total information such as demography, political and physical status of every district.

    The interested candidates are requested to send a mail to or they can live-chat with Bhisma Narayan at Orissaspider id.


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    Hello Bhisma,

    This is a best announcement in OSC.

    Janmejaya Mohanty
    Best jobs in orissa

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    Nice step Bhisma. I will try to be one of the representative for my nearest districts Sambalpur and Jharsuguda. If you find me eligible please mail me or else respond through this forum only.

    Thank you.


    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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    Hi Ataul,
    Thanks for your interest in this work. I have seen many of your posts and you are also an active member of ISC so I am considering you for Sambalpur and Jharsuguda District. Provide as much information as you know about the two districts in any section of Orissa Spider. You can also post about other things but you will get maximum cash credits when you will post content related to these 2 districts.


    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Thanks Bhisma for your kind and quick response. I will definitely try my best to provide some good piece of information about these two districts.

    Thanking You

    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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    Hi Bhisma,

    This is a very good step. I am interested for one of the representative for Ganjam and Rayagada district. Though I am new to this forum, but I can try my level best to prove myself fit for the said opportunity. If u think I am eligible for it, then please let me know the same vide my mail or this forum.


    Thanks & Regards

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    Hello Mr Padhy,
    Its great to hear that a new member like you is interested for Representatives post. Through you are new to this site, First you have to learn some basic guidelines and posting tricks so that you can write qualitable articles in less time. If you want to be a part time representative then contact me in Gtalk after 8.00 PM to mid night. After some days we will authorize you as the representative for Ganjam and Rayagada. Till then stay updated with Orissa spider, post lots of forum discussions, lots of articles and learn lot of knowledge.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Dear Bishma,

    I am very much interested to work for a particular District of Odisha and ready to post many articles to that District also as Representative of that District. If the task is assigned to me for a particular district, I will do it very well.

    With regards,

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    Hello sir i want to be a representative of my nabarangpur district.I am new at this site so if you grant the above it will be help me to encorage.

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    Hi Mohit Jain,

    Very warm welcome to We are very much pleased with you enthusiastic and interest to provide information of Nabarangpur District. However, the article or resources must be own written and well English versed. Copies contents from any other sources are strictly not allowed. Repeated posting of copies contents may block your posting rights. These are the common instructions about OSR. However, the most important is to post articles, based on the Best areas for writing in Orissa Spider. For any kind of queries you can contact us directly or post in forum section.
    Email id:


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    Thank you sir,
    i will try to give my best.

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    Hi Bhisma,

    Again, a huge blows of thanks to you.

    I will be interested in this. I would love to represent my Dist: Kendrapara. I am sending a mail to you and expecting a quick reply.

    This is not just representing my dist, but an opportunity to know much more about my dist while sharing about it in this forum.

    I think this will be a very good opportunity for me to know my dist very closely with the help of this forum.

    Looking ahead.

    thanks again.

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    Hi Chagala Tripathy,

    A very warm welcome to!
    I have gone through your profile just now, and good to know about you and your habits on working online and freelancing works. All the best. As you said here, you'll represent for the district Kendrapada, very welcome. In addition, we're looking for more authors in this site to promote or expand the information about Odisha. Therefore, do the best; please go through the various posting guidelines and New Member FAQ of this site; which will give knowledge and writing pattern about this site. For any more doubts, please free to ask me. I already sent a request to join in GTalk, so join the discuss more about the progress of
    Have a nice day!


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    good job bhishma. If you want representive for kendrapara . I would like to take this opertunity. Thanks


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