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    I have associated my adsense account with this Orissaspider

    Its fourth day now, i associated my existing Google adsense account with this site orissaspider. I have heard that within a day the adsense gets reviewed and approved by the webmaster.
    I also got suggestion from Jose Mathew sir and Renin sir from ISC that, we should not delay a second also in associating the adsense account with these sister sites of ISC. And very soon the webmaster approves the adsense account, generally within 24 hours of applying the adsense account.
    My adsense account is already associated with ISC and approved since January 2011.
    So i request the webmaster to please approve my adsense account associated with this site.
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    Hi Ataul Haque,

    Its look nice that you've already Google AdSense account (Created by ISC); however, you need to post minimum 10 valid articles and reach 500 points i.e., to Gold Level to get AdSense approval from We've seen you're doing well and fast in this site; so don't worry about that. Post more and more articles and get your AdSense approved here. All the best.

    For more knowledge about your AdSense approval please visit
    View AdSense Profile page located in Manage Account page.


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    Thanks Naresh kumar sir, I will abide by the suggestions you have given me through this thread of forum and suggestions at different sections of this site.
    I have gone through all your comments and suggestion, you have given me on different sections like resource section etc. Thanks for reading my article on Buddhakhol of Ganjam district. Though i have commented below your comments in that section too.

    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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    Your profile showing that your adsense was approved on 14.09.2011. May be you have not clicked on the "Refresh" button. Check once again and if any problem arises then mail me.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Okay Bhisma, thanks for the news. I will refresh it.
    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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