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    OrissaSpider is still not coming on the first page result of Google

    It is to be noted that, we are lagging far behind many of the sites related to orissa and sites known as the portal of orissa.
    Even after so many days and daily updates, resources, articles etc, we are not coming on to the first page results of Google search Engine, Its because many of the members of Orissaspider are not taking the site seriously, we are the members of a site which is dedicated for our own state orissa, then its our duty to keep the site clean and helpful for others.
    Its our responsibility to help many of the users who search for information related to orissa, to the best of our capability. And this will be possible only if we able to take our site to the first page result of Google search engine, when the term orissa is searched on it.
    Being the active member of this site, i welcome you all the members of orissaspider to help the site to get its desired position. So that our aim of sharing knowledge and earning by that too gets fulfilled.
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    Hi ataul haque,

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. It was very well known to everyone from this site; however this lacking is due to less effort by our members and contribution to this site. In other way, we've no rights to encounter any member from this site. This is because, OrissaSpider is not a professional website, as you find many Orissa related sites over net. It is just a small limited site, which is just growing to catch them. There are very less contents and articles in our site, which is not sufficient to meet the quality and quantity of Google or any other search engine. For this we need to join more and more members and post lots of contents regarding Orissa daily updates, past updates and whatever feels relevant to Orissa.

    Most of the authors or members who posts contents should prioritise that their summary should contain minimum 3-5 keywords, so that there articles should viewable while searching in search engines. Due to lack of quality of writing, and less availability of contents it is difficult to show in search engines. Therefore, there is nothing to do more; except posting good quality contents and joining more and more members here.


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    Exactly naresh, in order to come on the search results we have to be determined, taking this to be the responsibility of us, that we have to make it.
    And that will be done through our determination to post good articles and information on this site.

    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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    Dear atul I have searched several things regarding odisha and I found Orissaspider on top of Google, so when ever the unique things members post in orissaspider then definitely this site will result on top.

    May be you have not found on top but I have found several times and if we post good and unique content definitely orissaspider will be always on top of search engine when some one search anything about odisha related information.

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    yeah, its very usual soubhagya, for any site which has regular feeds. Google always give the top results according to the title.
    for example if you search the topic 'namaste atithi' you are sure going to get the result of my blog.
    if you search orissa spider, it's obvious that the result will be this site.
    But i have mentioned in my thread that, on searching the term Orissa, our result is not there on the first, second or even on the third page. we have the results of news channels and orissa tourism etc.
    So i wrote that lets pledge to take this site to the position that even if some one searches the word orissa, orissa spider will be there on the first page.

    There is nothing you cannot achieve,
    you can achieve whatever you can dream of.

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