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    Do not comment until otherwise do not know the all fact.

    Mr. Rout brothers ,

    I have no intention to do that comment but some reasons are there
    which i clarify to sanjeev sir.

    If possible then ask him and i love all of you as a member. And you ask
    me to join in orissa spider and for you request not my own interest i
    join here that you send so many request to me.
    And i do not felt hurt if you reject my resource but felt heart if you
    reject or delete or pending any article of my student ankit. Do you
    know at first he told me sir why i post article because they give only
    two or five rupees. but i always encourage him and if your webmaster discourage
    him then he left the bengalspider site as well as he tell all his friends which is cause more damage your site. Another thing one of your top level member tell
    what wrongs with him (i donot disclose his name).

    So, do not comment unless until you do not know the all facts.
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    Dear Mr Subrat Ray,
    You don't know how many respect I have for you cause I am also a student and I know what should be the respect to a teacher. And about your article I will say that many of your posts were copy pasted directly and it violates the copy right rule so tell me how can I give approval to them.
    And regarding posts of Ankit, I am in the site for 5 months and at first I didnot know any thing about good post but by seeing other good members post I started posting well and now got this position I have talked with Ankit that how he can get more points and cash. You may also ask him about this.
    But I got disappointed by your words "agents". We are not working here for anyone. If you personally ask me then I will like to say that I am here to help Indian students who are leaving their study for lack of money. If they join these sites then they can cover their own expenses. And I want to explore the beautiful world of my state. All people should know about the best of my state. Thats my motive.
    Hope you will understand all this. And if you want then I can discuss with you in this matter.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Thanks Mr.rout,
    For quick response. Actually this fight is for you like students.
    At first i also do so much thing for that site and if i copy all article then i cannot reach gold level. Actually i use wireless internet connection and when i collect any news from the web i copy all the whole article and then read line by line and then change it by my own words.
    But what happens some times when i copy it and paste it spider's editor and start changing either the signal cut or low and it store as it is and you think that i post copied article but on that time i thought that next time when i get signals then i again correct it .

    At the beginning your webmaster or editor send it to pending box and i know why they send and i correct it my uncorrected portion.

    But from the last month i observe that they either delete or reject it and do not give any chance.

    I cannot understand if they do not approve it how it effect in Google.

    Then i trying to find what happens. Then i remember one of my article which i posted at the month of January end . That article was "how the Bengal govt. collect most of the revenue from my district and spend it in for kolkata without doing any thing for my district Burdwan".

    I observe that without showing any cause they reject that article.I ask so many question about this through mail but they don't give me the answer and they block access in the month of February. On that time one of top member of that site talk with me personally and said that this is the nature of this site(pl. do not ask me that member's name). Though i told him that some thing wrong by you and still believe that i can work for this site.

    And you can observe that Ankit's that article were pending so many days and he is compel to write it in forum but no answer from their side and it is approved and get 25 points and Rs.10/- after my bomb blasting comment.

    So, i always work for you like student always without thinking for me.

    And do not think i take this site as a money making, if it so then I do not comment like that after reaching gold member and Rs. 861/- cash in my account.And you can ask ankit what is my monthly income and what is my status that you write that "i use this site for money income", is not fit for me.

    So, i always bless you like student for good future.

    So, tell your coordinator/webmaster, "i know what effect bad on Google and what not" because i am not computer illiterate (as you know my degree and designation.) And also tell them that they have full power to reject or pending any article and do not fear from Google that Google mark your site as cat copy Because it accept by Google after your approving.- i hope you understand the whole fact.

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    Hello Mr Ray,
    I never want to such dispute should take place among the administrative lable and members. So I don't want to increase this word fight.
    May be in that site something wrong with you but I am not understanding that why you bring that topic to this site and why you called me as agent. I am very confused for this word only. I have not done any wrong with you but you first told my name that Bengal spider is always give importance to agent like me. So I just expressed my opinion, May be it hurted you.
    At last I am telling sorry to you for my words but please don't take one site matter to another site.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    I also want to stop this fight and as you write it there and i have no scope to clarify there because that forum is locked for me so i tell you here and i know you are the webmaster of this site. so again injustice for me that without giving scope to clarify why i write they block that forum.
    Thanks to you and i hope in future i write for this more valuable things. Actually i am now busy with ICSE exam and do not give more time for writing.

    Can i write any computer related or it knowledge here in knowledge section? or some valuable program for ISC/Icse/Btech/BCA/BSCIT students? if so then tell me.

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    Hello Mr Ray,
    I will be very happy if you add those type of resources cause you are a computer teacher and visitors or members can learn many things from your posts. You can post them in the respective section. I am sure for some days our editor Lokesh will take good care of posts cause my internals are going on so I will not available for some days. And wish you happy second innings in Orissa spider.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Sir this is a great idea. If you submit here the programs then it will be highly helpful for the students. A student can search for a particular java program in the Google only and can get it here. This may also help to earn good revenue for the sight.
    The programs are really helpful and as I am myself a student of Sir Subrata Ray, I know about his personal experience and I also know how his suggestions and programs are always helpful for us. This will be a great help to all of us. As I am myself a student of Sir I also know about his teaching qualities so I hope this will help the site in some ways.

    Thank You,
    Ankit Patwari

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    Thanks Bhisma Narayan Rout and Ankit,

    I am trying my level best that student can get some help from me.Though i was trying to help through BENGAL SPIDER but their web master tell me through mail that he always discourage this type of post. I don't why?

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    Hello Mr Subrat Ray,
    What the WM of Bengal spider told is right. These posts are discouraged in the regional sites cause the visitors who come to regional sites are mainly for Jobs in that state, Good places in that state etc but computer knowledge are globally so global visitors may not come to our site so my view is you should more concentrate on regional things and knowledge sharing posts are just optional. If you only post knowledge sharing posts then they will be given low points. So you should post regional topics in our site and other topics are best for
    It is just my opinion, you may do it or not.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout

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    Thanks Bhisma Narayan Rout and Ankit,

    Iam trying my best to posting articles.

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