Self introduction

Myself Brajamohan panda (Nick name-Pilu) from Gudiali, Via-Kabisuryanagar (Berhampur), Dist-Ganjam, state-Orissa, India. I think I am I stay in my village Gudiali

I am a simple, fairy, 5.8'' height. My hobby is mount climbing, chess playing, charting or writing .I don't believe god But I think A natural powder is working there.

I think the great world is money making machine any time any where any person wants to earn money why ?If you know answer of this question please mail me-mailto: my personal

I love my family (mama, baba, tilu & silu) very much .Also love my village and friend Somesu and Nares is best friend.

I think I have something new, what is this I don't know but I feel them. Anybody know more about me read my personal blog